Articles by Anthony Summers

Benjamin Graham’s Strategy Still Beats the Market

Benjamin Graham taught us that sometimes very simple methods yield exceptional results.

Applications of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR have applications in a wide range of industries, though video games and social media stand out so far.

The Best Wind Energy ETF of 2019

Wind power is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy. Here’s how to play it in 2019.

3 Undervalued Healthcare Sector Stocks to Watch

Healthcare has become one of the most politicized sectors of the market. But that may be a blessing in disguise for those seeking a bargain buy.

Marijuana Stocks Ranked by Relative Trading Volume

Volume trends can reveal just as much – and sometimes more – about the overall momentum of a stock as price trends can.

A Speculative Case for Buying Silver

Historically, when this ratio peaks, it signals a buying moment for silver.

Beat the Market With Low P/E Stocks

Beating the market is not easy… but it is possible. It’s a matter of sticking to what works and having discipline during difficult times.

Flash Trading Has Transformed the Investment World

Flash traders can make extraordinary returns in next to no time thanks to their high-powered software.

RSI Indicator Predicted Bitcoin Rally in December

Attempts to call the bottom of a market are common. But getting the call right is not. Here’s how we did it.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper Aims to Provide Global Wi-Fi Network

Project Kuiper cements Amazon as one of the prominent contenders in the new-age space race.

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