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Articles by Anthony Summers

IBM Rated Buy

The stock rally is back. And so is investor optimism.

Pot Stocks Rebound to Start Off 2019

You’ll want to get back into these pot stocks sooner rather than later.

Bitcoin Buy Signal Surfaces Again

A key indicator suggests that right now might be the best moment to get back into cryptocurrencies.

What Is the “January Effect”?

Historically, stocks have rallied in January. It’s an interesting theory… but is that all it is?

Is Mr. Market Off His Meds?

Instead of cowering at the sight of market losses, take the chance to buy great investments at great prices.

Trends to Watch for 2019

As investors, we have some stake in gaining insight into tomorrow’s biggest trends. So let’s make some predictions for 2019.

Make Money Even in Down Market

We may still have an additional inning – or two – left in this historic bull market.

What’s the Best Time to Buy Stocks?

Matthew has several peculiar habits, but this one maximizes his profitability in the market.

Buying Opportunity in CRISPR Gene Editing Market

Adding exposure to the biotech sector will prove to be a smart investment – especially at today’s relatively low valuations.

Juice Portfolio Gains With Put Selling

I’m about to reveal one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street…

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