Articles by Bryan Bottarelli

The No. 1 Opportunity for 2022

Though 2021 has yet to end, this company has already earned the title of the best pick of 2022.

How to Profit From Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has taken the world by storm and is set to only grow bigger. Here is the best play to profit from this growth.

The Best Way to Profit From the Cicada Invasion

This summer, millions of cicadas will emerge for the first time in 17 years. Here’s the best way to profit off this.

Why the Stock Market Will Rally in the Years Ahead

The government is set to pump trillions of dollars into the economy in the next few years, leading to inflated stock values.

How to Profit From the COVID-19 Vaccine

This play is your best opportunity to profit from the multiple companies that have promised a COVID-19 vaccine.

A Stock Play on Sold-Out Pools and Summer Fun

As the weather gets hotter, people are buying backyard pools to entertain their kids. And one stock is profiting big time.

Miss the Tesla Stock Pop? Catch Up With One Play

Discover a cheap backdoor way to capitalize on Tesla’s recent success – for a fraction of the price.

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