Articles by David Fessler

David Fessler is the Engineering Strategist of The Oxford Club. He has been actively trading stocks for almost five decades. And he uses his electrical engineering background to identify – and invest in – major technological disruptions… before others even hear about them.

Dave’s well-honed instincts have led him to optimal entry points – such as when he recommended Tesla stock back at the split-adjusted price of just $8 per share. His passion is teaching investors how to profit from the clean energy revolution. 

He is a Contributing Editor to Oxford Growth Investor and Profit Trends. He also authored the bestseller The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy.

This Undervalued, Oversold Chipmaker Is a Steal Right Now

Currently, buyers are shying away from tech stocks. And that makes now the perfect time to buy shares of this company.

How to Play the Coming Copper Boom

Here’s one of the best ways to profit from the impending surge in copper demand.

America’s Invisible Roadblocks to Decarbonization

Renewable energy is here to stay. And delaying its deployment only delays decarbonization.

How to Profit From Uranium’s Soaring Demand

Now is the perfect time for investors to get in on uranium before the heavy metal’s demand takes off.

Profit From the 5G Revolution With This Chip Company

With the 5G revolution underway, now is the perfect time to add this semiconductor chip company to your portfolio.

Cashing In on the Supply Chain Crisis

Shipping companies are expected to thrive this year as wait times decrease for unloading ships.

Profit From Our Increasingly Digital World Through Sensors

As our world continues to digitize, investors can profit through the growing world of sensors.

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to a Farm Near You

As the autonomous robot market continues to grow, farmers are starting to adopt this tech.

No. 1 Way to Profit From Higher Oil Prices

What could the price of oil climb to if the U.S. stops importing Russian crude?

Gravity: The Newest Energy Storage Technology

Today’s engineers are designing and building energy storage systems in new and exciting ways.

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