Articles by David Fessler

David Fessler is the Engineering Strategist of The Oxford Club. He has been actively trading stocks for almost five decades. And he uses his electrical engineering background to identify – and invest in – major technological disruptions… before others even hear about them.

Dave’s well-honed instincts have led him to optimal entry points – such as when he recommended Tesla stock back at the split-adjusted price of just $8 per share. His passion is teaching investors how to profit from the clean energy revolution. 

He is a Contributing Editor to Oxford Growth Investor and Profit Trends. He also authored the bestseller The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy.

After All the Hype, 5G Is Finally Here

5G is now widely available throughout the U.S. Let’s look at the three major phone carriers’ networks.

Why Investors Should Steer Clear of Oil Stocks

Bankruptcies in the oil sector are all too commonplace these days. What does that mean for investors?

How to Invest in the Growing Green Hydrogen Sector

The green hydrogen sector is quickly expanding. Here’s one of the best ways to play it.

There’s Green to Be Made in the Changing Blue Economy

As the blue economy goes green, investing opportunities in the space are becoming more common.

How to Play the 2022 Electric Pickup Boom

Sales of electric pickup trucks are set to ramp up next year. Here are the best companies to play this trend.

Top 5 Renewable Energy Trends for 2022

Every portfolio should have some exposure to these disruptive renewable energy trends.

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Semiconductor Chip Stocks?

The chip shortage shouldn’t last for more than another year… so are semiconductor chip stocks still good investments?

Is the Real Estate Boom a Bubble Ready to Burst?

With plenty of buyers and not enough sellers, the real estate market is making investors nervous.

3 Mistakes Investors Make When It Comes to IPOs

Many exciting companies are going public today, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to invest in IPOs.

How to Capitalize on Climate Change Today

Here are some of the best funds to invest in if you want to profit from companies fighting climate change.

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