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David Fessler is the Engineering Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Editor of Extreme Disruptions Trader and a Contributing Editor to Strategic Trends Investor and Profit Trends. He also authored the bestseller The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy 

Dave has been actively trading stocks for almost five decades. He uses his electrical engineering background to identify – and invest in – major technological disruptions… before others even hear about them. His well-honed instincts have led him to optimal entry points – such as when he recommended Tesla stock back at the split-adjusted price of just $8 per share. His passion is teaching investors how to profit from the clean energy revolution. 

Are Oil and Gas Stocks Still Good Investments?

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, investors wonder whether oil and gas stocks still belong in their portfolios.

Looming Rubber Shortage Provides Another Chance to Profit

With a looming rubber shortage, you can expect an increase in tire prices in the near future.

Big Oil Is Under Fire for Lackluster Climate Plans

Big Oil companies are being attacked for their insufficient plans to address climate change. These are two of the worst offenders.

The Best Energy Storage Play for Your Portfolio

Energy storage is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Here’s the best way to play it.

Invest in Copper Ahead of the Looming Shortage

Copper plays a major role in our lives and is in high demand. We simply can’t make technological advancements without it.

What Analysts Get Wrong When Valuing Tesla

It’s important to factor in all of Tesla’s businesses when valuing the company.

Banks Are Investing More Than Ever in the Renewables Sector

Banks have invested millions of dollars in the fossil fuel sector. But that’s all changing this year.

Could Green Hydrogen Be Cost-Effective by 2030?

In less than 10 years, green hydrogen could become more affordable and revolutionize the energy sector.

Commercial Solar Installations Are Set to Rise This Year

Though the commercial solar industry was hit hard by the pandemic, 2021 will bring new opportunities to the sector.

Round Out Your Portfolio With Rhodium

As demand increases, this precious metal gains more upside.

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