Articles by David Fessler

David Fessler is the Engineering Strategist of The Oxford Club. He has been actively trading stocks for almost five decades. And he uses his electrical engineering background to identify – and invest in – major technological disruptions… before others even hear about them.

Dave’s well-honed instincts have led him to optimal entry points – such as when he recommended Tesla stock back at the split-adjusted price of just $8 per share. His passion is teaching investors how to profit from the clean energy revolution. 

He is a Contributing Editor to Oxford Growth Investor and Profit Trends. He also authored the bestseller The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy.

Permian Basin Oil Production Highlights Need for Pipelines and Storage

A number of new pipeline and storage projects are underway to support the increased production coming out of the Permian.

How Solar, Wind and Storage Are Changing the Renewables Landscape

The renewable energy triple threat – wind power, solar power and battery storage – is becoming increasingly more accessible for residential energy users like you and me.

What Investors Need to Know About Energy Storage Systems

Here are two battery storage stocks that can expose you to the fastest-growing area of the energy sector.

Is Climate Change Real? Ask the Insurance Companies Paying for It

For years, U.S. insurers have ignored potential liabilities from coal. But the growing financial impact of damages from climate change is starting to hit home.

Conserve Energy to Increase Returns

Sometimes the best investment you can make is saving money.

Crude Oil Prices Tank Thanks to Global Overproduction

The outlook for the oil industry isn’t looking so bright. Here’s what’s bringing down the price of crude.

Coal Ash Ponds From Shuttered Plants Present Environmental Threat

When a coal-fired power plant is turned off, revenues screech to a stop, but expenses don’t. Long-term environmental factors also need to be considered.

U.S. Solar Power Installations Hit 2 Million

There’s never been a better time to install solar power in your home.

Energy Demand From EVs Will Save Suffering Utilities

Utilities are smacking their lips in anticipation of the additional revenue EVs will bring in.

Six Reasons the U.S. Shale Revolution Can’t Be Duplicated

The U.S. will remain the No. 1 natural gas producer in the world for the foreseeable future.

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