Articles by David Fessler

David Fessler is the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Editor of Fessler’s Flash Profitsand a Contributing Editor to Strategic Trends Investor and Profit Trends. He also authored a bestseller, The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy. 

As a degreed electrical engineer, Dave was vice president of two successful tech businesses – LTX Corporation and Quality Telecommunications Inc. Since “retiring” at age 47, Dave has used his educational and professional experience to research the best opportunities in the technology, infrastructure and energy sectors. 

A true energy innovator, Dave has installed his own microgrid to power his 68-acre farm in Pennsylvania and can be seen on the road in an all-electric vehicle. His in-depth research and expert presentations on renewable energy have incited strong praise from fellow industry leaders. 

COVID-19 Could Jump-Start Renewable Energy Projects

Putting money into energy projects could jump-start the economy and accelerate the move to renewables.

The Semitruck Market Is Heating Up Thanks to the New Tesla

Semitrucks are some of the biggest polluters. But that may be about to change thanks to competition among car manufacturers.

Fossil Fuels Are Out, Renewables Are In

Renewable energy has taken over as one of the top-performing investments.

How the U.S. Is Taking Over the Oil Sector

A new oil drilling technology has allowed the U.S. to produce most of its own oil, decreasing oil prices.

The Mining Sector Is Going Green

Mining, one of the most energy-intensive industries, is finally switching to renewable energy.

All About Subsea Electrical Transmissions

Advancements in subsea electrical transmissions will help power offshore wind stations.

The Future of Energy Storage Systems

The Advanced Rail Energy Storage system is the new way to store power.

Lower Battery Costs Mean More Affordable EVs

Better technology, combined with rising demand, is driving down battery costs to make EVs more affordable.

Trump Seeks to Undo Reagan’s Energy Efficiency Measures

New energy efficiency standards have been passed by every president since Reagan, but Trump is looking to roll back these measures.

Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting the Energy Sector for the Better

AI is bringing new advancements to the energy sector, specifically the wind and solar segments.