Articles by David Fessler

David Fessler is the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Editor of Fessler’s Flash Profitsand a Contributing Editor to Strategic Trends Investor and Profit Trends. He also authored a bestseller, The Energy Disruption Triangle: Three Sectors That Will Change How We Generate, Use, and Store Energy. 

As a degreed electrical engineer, Dave was vice president of two successful tech businesses – LTX Corporation and Quality Telecommunications Inc. Since “retiring” at age 47, Dave has used his educational and professional experience to research the best opportunities in the technology, infrastructure and energy sectors. 

A true energy innovator, Dave has installed his own microgrid to power his 68-acre farm in Pennsylvania and can be seen on the road in an all-electric vehicle. His in-depth research and expert presentations on renewable energy have incited strong praise from fellow industry leaders. 

Save Nuclear Power With National Incentive Policy

Nuclear energy’s importance to America’s clean energy mix needs to be recognized and rewarded.

Trump Reverses Obama-Era Climate Regulation, Pushes Coal Agenda

Trump and his “coal cronies” say nothing will get in the way of building new coal-fired power plants here in the U.S.

Volkswagen, Ford, BMW Give Tesla a Run for Its Money

Tesla’s Model 3 has lit a fire under its high-powered competitors.

Energy Efficiency Emerges as Power Source in U.S.

This energy-saving trend is playing out all over the U.S. today.

Companies Fuel Fast-Growing, Emerging Economies in China, Vietnam, Brazil

Now is a great time to purchase emerging market stocks, as many are trading at one-year lows.

China Disrupts Transportation With EVs, Buses and Scooters

When it comes to electric transportation, China is racing ahead while the rest of the world is at the starting gate.

Don’t Give Up on Tesla, Musk and Electric Vehicles

Even with its limited production so far, the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling EV on the planet.

TransCanada Clears Legal Hurdle for Keystone XL Pipeline

Investors can play the Keystone XL in two ways. Find out what the income plays are here.

Oil Companies Ditch Permian for Oklahoma Plays

Producers with acreage in Oklahoma will begin to shift drilling there from the backlogged Permian.

Swiss Startup Invents Unique Energy Storage Solution

Engineers are always looking to improve things, including the ability to store energy for longer periods of time.