Articles by Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr is the Chief Trends Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Editor of Profit Trends, Strategic Trends Investor, The VIPER Alert, Dynamic Fortunes and Trailblazer Pro. His unique take on investing has led to countless outsized gains, including the largest returns in Club history. 

With almost two decades of financial experience under his belt, Matthew’s expertise ranges from classic industries such as oil and mining to cutting-edge markets like small cap tech, cannabis and cloud computing. If it’s moving the markets, you can bet Matthew is there.

Prospects of Federal Legalization in 2020

Lezli Engelking, founder of FOCUS, talks about what to expect from the cannabis industry in 2020.

Five Key Investment Trends for 2020

These five key investment trends will help investors narrow their focus in the new year.

Congressional Hearing Calls for More Cannabis Research

The Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health’s meeting on cannabis was a small step forward, but the pot industry can’t succeed without more research.

Two 2020 Election Trends to Profit On

In a year of unparalleled political drama, find peace of mind in these two profitable election year trends.

10 Microcap Stocks Wall Street Believes Offer 200% Upside

Most microcaps are lagging the larger indexes, but some offer an upside of more than 200%.

Cannabis Merger and Acquisition Deals Crumble

Cannabis M&A deals continue to crumble due to Department of Justice delays.

Esports Investment Opportunities for the New Year

Even if you aren’t a video game enthusiast, the upside to the industry is too much to pass up.

10 Stock Alternatives to Help Protect Your Portfolio in 2020

Here are 10 ETFs to help investors diversify their portfolios, reduce their overall volatility and potentially increase their returns in 2020.

5 Pot Stocks Starting Off 2020 With a High

With pot stocks still near multiyear lows – and with so much upside on the horizon – 2020 is shaping up to be a year to remember for cannabis.

Is the Party Over? Here Are 10 Stocks to Avoid Now

Let’s look at some companies that are flying high right now… but might see their wings clipped soon.