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Matthew Carr is the Chief Trends Strategist of The Oxford ClubHis unique take on investing – a strategic approach based on high growth, pre-momentum and discounted prices – has led to countless outsized gains, including some of the largest in Oxford Club history. 

Matthew cut his teeth in the industry as a writer for the energy trade publications Natural Gas WeekGas Market Reconnaissance and Oil Daily. He also dug into exports and international trade finance for Business Credit magazine. With two decades of financial experience under his belt, Matthew is an expert in market-moving trends and disruptive industries. His commentary has been published in TheStreetForbes and Politico, among others.

He is the Editor of Oxford Growth Investor, which is based on his proprietary RPM Investment Strategy. He is also the Editor of Trailblazer Pro, Dynamic Fortunes, The VIPER Alert and Profit Trends. 

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The Bitcoin Crash Is Here… Now What?

As we predicted, Bitcoin has crashed. Here’s how investors should handle this decline.

Is This the Buy Signal Investors Have Been Waiting For?

As investors navigate the rocky waves of this month’s market, the buy signal they have been waiting for just emerged.

Plan for Future Financial Security

Focus on the future, not the past. That goes double for financial decisions and investing.

The U.S. Presidential Cycle Points to a Volatile Year Ahead

According to the modern presidential cycle, midterm election years are usually tough for the markets.

The $63.5 Billion Semiconductor Opportunity for 2022 and Beyond

New semiconductor chip materials are creating a booming opportunity for pick-and-shovel EV companies.

Breaking Down One of Wall Street’s Biggest Lies

Wall Street claims that Janaury is one of the best months for stocks, but here’s why that isn’t true.

Cities Across the U.S. Ban Natural Gas in New Construction

Cities nationwide are starting to ban natural gas pipes in newly constructed buildings. Is your city next?

How to Play the Federal Reserve’s Decision This Week

In algebra, it’s not that hard to solve for two unknowns. But in the real world, it’s something investors are struggling with.

Growth or Value: How Should Investors Position Themselves for 2022?

After a volatile year, investors are questioning how they should invest in 2022.

How Small Sacrifices Can Make a Big Difference to Financial Success

In order to attain financial success, you must learn to be smart with your money.

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