Articles by Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr is the Chief Trends Strategist of The Oxford Club. He is the Editor of Profit Trends, Strategic Trends Investor, The VIPER Alert, Dynamic Fortunes and Trailblazer Pro. His unique take on investing has led to countless outsized gains, including the largest returns in Club history. 

With almost two decades of financial experience under his belt, Matthew’s expertise ranges from classic industries such as oil and mining to cutting-edge markets like small cap tech, cannabis and cloud computing. If it’s moving the markets, you can bet Matthew is there.

The Magic Mushroom Revolution Is Here

For years, psychedelic mushrooms have been demonized. But today, those attitudes are changing.

The Sports Betting Opportunity Investors Can’t Ignore

As the U.S. sports betting market expands, investors won’t want to miss out on this combination of fantasy and betting.

Back-to-School Stocks: What Investors Need to Know

No, not the K-pop band. But spending for back to school is projected to top $34 billion this year.

Election News: The Cannabis Industry Could Be Election Day’s Biggest Winner

This Election Day could send shares of American cannabis stocks into overdrive.

Buy These Travel Stocks While They’re Still Cheap

Travel is going to pick up again in 2021. So get in on these travel stocks now while they’re still inexpensive.

A Cashless Society Is Triggering a Rally in Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to explode in 2020 as physical money becomes obsolete.

Why You Should Invest in Cybersecurity Stocks

An increase in remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in cybercrime.

How Cannabis Companies Are Faring in the Wake of the Pandemic

Erich Mauff of Jushi Holdings Inc. shares his industry insider insights.

Video Games May Be the Most Profitable Trend of 2020

This year, investors are setting new high scores with video game stocks. And this trend only has more upside ahead.

Internet of Things Companies Present an Overlooked Opportunity

The global Internet of Things security market is projected to be worth more than $36.5 billion by 2025, so internet security companies are a must-have for investors.