Articles by Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr is the Chief Trends Strategist of The Oxford Club. His unique take on investing – a strategic approach based on high growth, pre-momentum and discounted prices – has led to countless outsized gains, including some of the largest in Oxford Club history. 

Matthew cut his teeth in the industry as a writer for the energy trade publications Natural Gas WeekGas Market Reconnaissance and Oil Daily. He also dug into exports and international trade finance for Business Credit magazine. With two decades of financial experience under his belt, Matthew is an expert in market-moving trends and disruptive industries. His commentary has been published in TheStreetForbes and Politico, among others.  

He is the Editor of Oxford Growth Investor, which is based on his proprietary RPM Investment Strategy. He is also the Editor of Trailblazer Pro, Dynamic Fortunes, The VIPER Alert and Profit Trends. 

The Ultimate Anti-Amazon Play

This company focuses on one niche market that Amazon can’t seem to conquer: pet care.

The Rare Trend Investors Should Cheer

Stock splits have approached extinction in recent years. But here’s why investors should celebrate this uncommon trend.

Why Value Investing Is a Passing Fad

Although some billionaires swear by value stocks, growth stocks are better for your portfolio.

How to Profit From the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic Games are a major tailwind for the sports betting market. Here are the best ways to profit off this industry.

Is It Time to Dump “Reopening” for “Resurgence”?

As COVID-19 cases rise, investors are questioning whether the reopening economy is here to stay.

New Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill: Deal or Dud?

Does the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act go far enough to enact change?

Virgin Galactic’s Founder Went to Space… What’s Next for Investors?

We’re witnessing one of the most exciting periods for not just investors and innovators… but all of humanity.

Two Must-Know Names for the Infrastructure Boom

Infrastructure spending will drive the construction sector higher. Here are two must-have companies for this boom.

What the Media Gets Wrong About the “Great Resignation”

People across the nation are quitting their jobs at a record rate. But here’s what they don’t know about this trend.

The Safest Way to Play the Electric Vehicle Sector

As electric vehicle demand surges, there’s a lot of upside ahead for this lithium miner.

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