Articles by Marc Lichtenfeld

What to Look for in Biotech Stocks

It can be tricky to identify the best biotech stocks. Here’s what you should be searching for…

Why Every Investor Should Diversify Their Portfolio With Gold

Gold’s value is set to skyrocket from the recent shortage of the precious metal. Every investor will want some in their portfolio.

The Best Short Opportunity on the Market

Here’s why MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin purchase has made it one of the best shorts on the market right now.

The Sweet Spot for Biotech Investing

Here’s why during a Phase 2 clinical trial is the most profitable time to start investing in biotech.

Convertible Bonds: One of the Best-Kept Market Secrets

Convertible bonds allow people to enjoy the benefits of both stocks and bonds in one investment.

What to Expect This Earnings Season

Third quarter earnings season starts tomorrow. Here’s what you should know.

The Best REITs to Invest In

Here are some of the most valuable real estate investment trusts to add to your portfolio.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Thinking about investing in real estate? Here’s why you should be thinking about REITs.

How to Use Market Volatility to Your Advantage

There are many different ways for an investor to play a volatile market.

Speculative Biotech Stocks: How to Manage Risk

Biotech stocks can be risky, but people who know how to manage them can see big gains.