Articles by Rebecca Barshop

Rebecca Barshop is the Senior Managing Editor of the Profit Trends franchise and its offshoot publications, including Oxford Growth Investor.  

When Rebecca joined The Oxford Club’s team several years ago, she was inspired to start investing and manage her own portfolios. Since then, she has honed her investing skills and developed a specialization in the trends that spell profits for investors. 

Rebecca focuses on how investors of all ages can take advantage of the market’s daily twists and turns. Her unique perspective empowers readers to make the most informed decisions in pursuit of their financial freedom. 

What’s Holding You Back From Investing?

It’s time to stop making excuses about why you aren’t investing and face your fears head-on.

Navigate a Rocky Stock Market With Inverse ETFs

Historically, September has been a shaky month for the markets. But these funds can help you profit on the upside and downside.

Buffett vs. Wood: Whose Side Are You On?

These two investors have very different investing strategies. Whose is better?

You’ll Never Retire if You Keep Doing This

Delayed gratification is the key to a wealthy retirement… or any retirement at all.

Meme Stocks: All-In or Not So Fast?

Are “meme stocks” the future of investing… or just a fad?

Turn a Menial Summer Gig Into a Roth IRA Nest Egg

A simple summer gig could turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars if the paycheck is put to good use.

Checking In on Our 2021 Forecasts

Here’s how Matthew Carr’s and David Fessler’s annual predictions are faring halfway through the year.

Keeping Up With the Joneses Is Costing You

Many people pay more attention to how their friends spend than to how they save.

Which FAANG+M Stock Is a “Buy”?

Of all the big tech companies that make up the FAANG+M stocks, only one is undervalued right now.

What Does Wealth Mean to You?

Here is what wealth means to the strategists at Profit Trends.

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