Articles by Rebecca Barshop

Rebecca Barshop is a Senior Managing Editor at The Oxford Club, in charge of the Profit Trends franchise and its offshoot publications, including Oxford Growth Investor. 

When Rebecca joined The Oxford Club’s team several years ago, she was inspired to start investing and manage her own portfolios. Since then, she has honed her investing skills and developed a specialization in the trends that spell profits for investors. 

Rebecca focuses on how investors of all ages can take advantage of the market’s daily twists and turns. Her unique perspective empowers readers to make the most informed decisions in pursuit of their financial freedom. 

Keeping Up With the Joneses Is Costing You

Many people pay more attention to how their friends spend than to how they save.

The Compound Growth Approach to Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, the best way to achieve your big goals is to accomplish one small task at a time.

Top 10 Forecasts for 2022

Matthew and Dave share their predictions for the upcoming year.

Why I’m Shrugging Off Omicron Market Concerns – and You Should Too

COVID-19 is no longer a death sentence for the markets, and the omicron variant is no different.

2021 Recap: Revisiting Our Annual Forecasts

Here’s how the predictions that Matthew and David made in January fared this year.

How to Take Back Control of Your December Finances

Here are three steps to help you prevent financial ruin this holiday season.

What Does Wealth Mean to You?

Here is what wealth means to the strategists at Profit Trends.

5 Socially Responsible Funds to Be Grateful For

These five funds strive to follow ethical business practices while producing healthy returns.

The Best Holiday Gift the Free Market Can Offer

If you really want to give your family members something to cherish when they’re older, jump-start their wealth building with the gift of the free market.

Facebook Keeps Its Crown Despite Month in the Red

Facebook remains the only FAANG+M stock that is a screaming “Buy.”

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