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From Cannabis Gummies to Gains: A Look Into Plus Products

Apple… Amazon… Google… Hewlett-Packard… Mattel… The Walt Disney Company…

These are all giant, globe-spanning companies that today are household names.

But they also share the same humble beginnings… They all started in someone’s garage.

That’s an origin story that cannabis edibles producer Plus Products (OTC: PLPRF) can relate to.

For the first six months of the company’s existence, the only space it could afford was co-founder and CEO Jake Heimark’s parents’ garage.

It was Plus Products’ clean room, manufacturing facility, office, packaging, and research and development facility.

But as we’ve seen time and time again, talent eventually wins out. And great companies find their way to the top.

In the third quarter of 2017, Plus controlled a mere 0.61% of the California edibles market. A year later, it owned 14% of that market.

And today, it dominates 21% of the cannabis gummies market in the state.

Like all small companies, Plus Products has big dreams. But it also adheres to a pragmatic “one step at a time” philosophy.

It’s expanding beyond California (including into one of the hottest markets in the country). And it plans to go nationwide.

That’s why I’m pleased to have Plus Products’ Blake Brennan as my guest on this week’s episode of CannaBiz Now!

Blake shared why the company is enjoying so much success in the edibles space. And he told me why he’s certain competitors can’t merely swoop in and replicate Plus’ strategy.

He then explained why the recent gains edibles have seen in the wake of the vaping crisis won’t be given back – and that they’re here to stay.

And we discussed Plus Products’ expansion, not just into new states, but how it’s taking the first steps to becoming a national brand.

If Plus Products is anything like its garage-born predecessors, then it’s going to enjoy a long, lucrative future.

Here’s to high returns,