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CBD Retailer HempFusion Is Fighting Its Way to the Top

CBD has worked its way into our daily lives.

And the number of uses for the nonpsychoactive part of cannabis continues to grow.

Today, CBD products are found in places that you’d expect to see topicals and creams, like CVS and Walgreens.

But you might be surprised to learn they’re on the shelves of Abercrombie & Fitch, Barneys, DSW, Neiman Marcus and a whole host of other mainstream retailers as well.

Not to mention their presence online and at the branded stores of the nation’s largest CBD makers.

That’s why, in this episode of CannaBiz Now!, HempFusion CEO Ian deQueiroz and I discuss CBD, its growth and where this explosive market is heading.

HempFusion is the nation’s No. 3 CBD retailer. But it’s looking to overtake its competitors and expand internationally.

DeQueiroz shares his insights on how the company plans to accomplish this, as well as what investors should and shouldn’t be concerned about in the CBD space.

He also sheds light on a unique investment opportunity. For more information, visit or email

Today’s interview is a must for anyone thinking about investing in CBD.

Here’s to high returns,