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Celebrity Endorsements in the Cannabis Industry: More Than Just Snoop Dogg

Two years ago, actor Sir Patrick Stewart made international headlines.

He opened up about how he had been using cannabis daily for two years to treat his arthritis.

You may think of him more fondly as Captain Jean-Luc Picard or Professor X (depending on your age). But, in speaking about his experiences as a patient, the famous British actor became an advocate for medical marijuana.

A year later, the United Kingdom legalized medical cannabis.

Now, there have long been celebrities associated with weed. In fact, there are plenty whose identities budded around smoking pot.

But in today’s legal marijuana market, celebrity endorsements are driving new growth.

We’re experiencing a deluge of A-listers throwing their support behind cannabis in general, a specific brand or their own lines of products.

And this is likely just the beginning.

In this episode of CannaBiz Now! I cover the growing number of stars shining their bright lights on the marijuana industry.

But this isn’t just a tabloid story… There is a very real reason cannabis companies are willing to pay top dollar to partner with celebrities.

I break down the industry stats every investor needs to know…

And I explain why you should hope the next major headline out of Hollywood is an A-lister signing on to promote their favorite pot stock.

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