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Florida’s Medical Cannabis Market Booms Due to Older Population


At one time, I called it home.

Back then, I lived in the town dubbed the “Shark Attack Capital of the World.”

But Florida’s more than just that wild, dangling part of America where the swamps are teeming with alligators and boa constrictors.

It’s more than Mickey Mouse, amusement parks, golf courses and retirement homes.

Florida is the fastest-growing marijuana market in the country.

In today’s episode of CannaBiz Now! I dig deep into what makes the Sunshine State an almost unmatched opportunity for cannabis companies. And why we’re seeing the big American multistate operators throw their hats into the ring.

I break down the growth estimates for Florida’s marijuana market over the next year and also highlight the biggest players in the state.

It’s an awesome opportunity for investors because there are a number of high-flying stocks operating in Florida to choose from.

So join me for this CannaBiz Now! episode, “State of the Industry” edition.

Here’s to high returns,