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Hemp Farming Close to Home With Monarch Botanicals

The world is embracing cannabis.

For nearly half a century, marijuana enthusiasts and activists have celebrated the international weed smoking holiday, 4/20, on April 20.

And for almost a decade, July 10 has become known as OIL day – a celebration of cannabis oils and extracts.

But even more recently, August 8 has emerged as National CBD Day.

Now, last year, CBD was one of the most searched-for terms on Google.

And its popularity hasn’t decreased.

It’s grown only larger as CBD has expanded to countless facets of our lives. All of which are driving the forecasts that the CBD market will be worth more than $21 billion by 2022.

With today as National CBD Day, we’re excited to be joined by the founder of Monarch Botanicals and US Hemp Farms, Walt Rampata.

As a licensed hemp farmer, as well as a consultant to dispensaries, Mr. Rampata provides a ground-floor perspective on both CBD and the broader cannabis industry.

In this episode, Mr. Rampata talks about the biggest obstacles growers face. And he shares his unique insights into a variety of topics, such as the evolution of strain names, patenting strains, and the standardization of plants and products across the industry.

So this is a perfect interview for today’s holiday.

And Monarch Botanicals even has a special offer for readers today. Check out its products here and enter coupon code “WALT10” at checkout to receive 10% off.

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