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Medical Marijuana Opportunity Out of Israel

In January, Israel approved medical cannabis exports.

This was an event that largely went unnoticed by mainstream investors. But it was a major milestone for the country and a game changer for the marijuana companies operating there.

And Israel’s cannabis industry continues to make waves.

In November, IM Cannabis (CSE: IMCC) became the first Israeli medical marijuana company to list on the Canadian Stock Exchange. But its story is more than just that feat.

IM Cannabis was one of the first cannabis companies founded in Israel. As such, it’s a pioneer in the Israeli medical marijuana space.

And today, its CEO, Oren Shuster, is my guest on CannaBiz Now!

After more than two decades as a startup founder for digital and telecom companies, Oren made the leap into cannabis in 2010.

We discuss why he made that move, as well as why Israel is a hotbed for marijuana companies and research. He also answers why this hub is attracting so much interest from investors and international players.

As Oren explains, a lot of it has to do with his own company’s European expansion plans. This is a marijuana market with the potential to dwarf North America’s own robust one.

In this interview, Oren explains why cannabis continues to expand across the globe. And why investors are going to miss out on major opportunities if they focus strictly on North America.

Here’s to high returns,