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Westleaf’s Prairie Records Elevates Canadian Retail Cannabis

Negative headlines have been a harsh reality for Canadian cannabis stocks recently.

The buzz investors felt at the start of 2019 has faded.

And now they’re faced with the sobering reality that the 40% gains we saw from the sector at the end of March have been erased.

But don’t believe the party’s over. There’s increasing evidence that this is just a breather.

In a few months’ time, Canada plans to legalize infused products and derivatives nationwide. This will be a boon for cannabis companies because these are much higher margin products. And this market is projected to be robust.

At the same time, Canadian marijuana producers are expanding their physical presence. They’re making the transition from being solely online to having actual dispensaries.

And this is where companies are working the hardest to stand out.

Though none have an approach as distinctive as Westleaf Inc.’s (OTC: WSLFF).

In today’s episode, Westleaf Chief Commercial Officer Adam Coates explains what makes his company’s dispensaries so different from anything else in the industry. And more importantly, how that differentiation is going to help drive sales growth and consumer engagement.

He also talks about the bevy of positive news Westleaf enjoyed in July, and how the cannabis company is preparing and positioning itself for the infused products launch.

The interview proves that there’s plenty to be bullish about on the horizon for pot stocks, especially Westleaf.

Here’s to high returns,