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What the Future Holds for the CBD Market

CBD is now commonplace.

And the number of uses for the nonpsychoactive product derived from the cannabis plant continues to grow.

Today, CBD products can be found anywhere you’d find similar topicals and creams, like CVS or Walgreens.

But like so many other segments of the economy, the CBD sector has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To talk about this, as well as the outlook for CBD, I sat down with HempFusion Chief Corporate Officer Danny Brody.

HempFusion is the nation’s No. 3 CBD retailer. But it has another ace up its sleeve… one that’s been in high demand this year.

Brody explains how the pandemic has dramatically changed the company’s business and how HempFusion was able to adapt.

He also shares how accredited investors can participate in a special ground-floor opportunity: HempFusion’s imminent IPO.

The CBD market is projected to double from its current $7 billion level over the next handful of years. That’s why this interview is a must-see for anyone thinking about investing in CBD.

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