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Alternative Investments

We’re all familiar with stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But there are other unique asset classes that investors should be aware of. Today, alternative investments offer people unique chances to make money in the market – from the rise of thematic exchange-traded funds to the speculative game of options.

Alternative Investments

Is September a “Golden” Month for Gold?

Investors are quick to claim that September is the best month for gold… but here’s why that may not be the case.

Alternative Investments

How to Profit From the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic Games are a major tailwind for the sports betting market. Here are the best ways to profit off this industry.

Alternative Investments

Looming Rubber Shortage Provides Another Chance to Profit

With a looming rubber shortage, you can expect an increase in tire prices in the near future.

Alternative Investments

Invest in Copper Ahead of the Looming Shortage

Copper plays a major role in our lives and is in high demand. We simply can’t make technological advancements without it.

Alternative Investments

Round Out Your Portfolio With Rhodium

As demand increases, this precious metal gains more upside.

Alternative Investments

Clean Energy Demand Drives Copper Price to Record Highs

Copper miners are great pick-and-shovel plays for the renewable energy sector as more countries focus on clean energy.

Alternative Investments

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies Are Set to Have a Record 2021

Interest in special purpose acquisition companies has surged in the last few months.

Alternative Investments

Iridium Prices Soar as Supply Shrinks

Since the start of this year, iridium prices have skyrocketed. And they are expected to climb higher.

Alternative Investments

Why Every Investor Should Diversify Their Portfolio With Gold

Gold’s value is set to skyrocket from the recent shortage of the precious metal. Every investor will want some in their portfolio.

Alternative Investments

Impact Investing Is Beating the Broader Markets by Almost 10%

More companies are promoting positive values and doing their best to make a positive impact on society.

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