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Beyond the Bong

With the cannabis market rapidly changing, evolving and expanding, investors need to be up to date on the latest and greatest. “Beyond the Bong” is your No. 1 resource for everything related to pot stocks. This weekly issue includes exclusive coverage found nowhere else – like “The High Five,” which ranks the five pot stocks investors need to watch every week.

Beyond the Bong

Hexo Earnings Miss Plagues the Marijuana Market

For pot stock investors, it’s been a frustrating search for the bottom. Every time we think we may have found it, shares hit new lows.

Beyond the Bong

Has the Marijuana Stock Market Hit Rock Bottom?

The marijuana industry set new 52-week lows to start off the fourth quarter.

Beyond the Bong

SAFE Banking Act of 2019 Passes House

This historic vote takes investors one step closer to the end of cannabis prohibition in the United States.

Beyond the Bong

Vaping Health Crisis, Corporate Drama Contribute to Pot Stock Pullback

Due to mounting drama in the markets, we may be about to witness the “Great Cannabis Shakeout.”

Beyond the Bong

Vaping-Related Fatalities Stress Importance of Marijuana Regulation

Nicotine vaping is now a health crisis in the U.S. And that will undoubtedly impact the cannabis markets.

Beyond the Bong

Is the Marijuana Bear Market Over?

Right now, we’re stuck in marijuana’s longest-ever bear market. But if history is our guide, we may have already seen the bottom.

Beyond the Bong

Effects From Vaping Putting Pressure on Legal Cannabis

Nearly 200 cases of a vaping-related illness has health officials concerned – and anxiety could spill over into the cannabis market.

Beyond the Bong

Earnings Season Rocks North American Marijuana Market

The North American marijuana sector has been rocked by scandal – and then kicked while it was down by earnings misses.

Beyond the Bong

New Marijuana Law in Ohio Accidentally Decriminalizes the Plant

Cities in Ohio have stopped prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana cases in light of a legislative mistake.

Beyond the Bong

Scott Gottlieb Questions CBD Legality, Calls for Regulation

The U.S. CBD market is desperately awaiting some sort of regulation by the FDA.

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