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Beyond the Bong

With the cannabis market rapidly changing, evolving and expanding, investors need to be up to date on the latest and greatest. “Beyond the Bong” is your No. 1 resource for everything related to pot stocks. This weekly issue includes exclusive coverage found nowhere else – like “The High Five,” which ranks the five pot stocks investors need to watch every week.

Beyond the Bong

3 Stocks to Watch After Aurora’s Monster Rally

These three stocks are poised to see big gains after Aurora Cannabis’ big win.

Beyond the Bong

6 Pot Stocks at Risk of Being Delisted

As pot stocks tank, cannabis companies are at risk of having their shares delisted from major exchanges.

Beyond the Bong

The One Cannabis Investment Hedge You Need in This Market Crash

Until the cannabis industry – and the broader markets – finds solid footing, investing in inverse ETFs, shorting or buying puts will continue to provide excellent hedges.

Beyond the Bong

Senior Marijuana Use Doubles

Marijuana use among seniors has doubled in recent years, partly as a means of chronic pain management.

Beyond the Bong

Golden Cannabis Opportunities in the Golden State

The Golden State has always been home to opportunity – and marijuana is no exception.

Beyond the Bong

Arizona’s Medical Cannabis Success Story

Arizona’s medical marijuana market has gone largely unnoticed, but its sales are some of the best in the country.

Beyond the Bong

Why Cannabis Companies Can’t Keep Their CEOs

Over the past year, multiple cannabis companies have said goodbye to their CEOs. Here’s why.

Beyond the Bong

Oklahoma: 2020’s Hottest Cannabis Market

With cannabis sales topping $350 million in 2019, Oklahoma is 2020’s hottest cannabis market.

Beyond the Bong

Marijuana’s March Madness

Marijuana sales historically decline from October through February, but then spring to life, sparking March Madness.

Beyond the Bong

Congressional Hearing Calls for More Cannabis Research

The Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health’s meeting on cannabis was a small step forward, but the pot industry can’t succeed without more research.

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