Cannabis Investing

For investors looking to be at the beginning of a new industry – as well as the end of prohibition – cannabis is it. From adult-use, which includes smokables, edibles, infused beverages and more, to medical, like CBD and hemp, cannabis will soon be a part of every person’s life in one form or another. This gives investors who want to be out in front of breakthrough and emerging trends an unbridled opportunity for success.

Cannabis Markets

Pot Stocks Rally as CBD Goes Mainstream

It’s the medicinal marijuana market that appears poised for the biggest upside, all thanks to CBD.

Cannabis Markets

Volatility Takes Front Seat in Marijuana Market

We’re seeing the dangerous hallmarks of irrational exuberance right now in the marijuana industry.

Cannabis Markets

Cannabis Surges… But 10 Companies Are Still On Sale

There’s renewed energy and momentum in marijuana stocks. And the sector is screaming “Buy!”

Cannabis Markets

Three Companies to Watch After Canada’s Historic Vote

With the legislative battle in the books, look for the pace of new cannabis opportunities to pick up speed.

Cannabis Markets

Companies Call “Dibs!” on Two Booming Pot Segments

Canadian companies are planting flags as they lay claim to their corners of the newly legalized cannabis market.

Cannabis Markets

Summer Trend Forms in Marijuana Market

Almost every retail product has seasonality. Cannabis is no different.

Cannabis Markets

The Latest Trends in the Marijuana Market

To get the most out of your pot investments, you have to know what people are buying.

Cannabis Markets

Your Pot Stock ETF Primer

For investors looking for a one-stop shop for pot stocks, there are now four different ETF flavors to choose from.

Cannabis Markets

A Colorful Sector Undone by an Attack on Individuality

For cannabis companies trying to stand out from the crowd, the latest rule is a frustrating obstacle. And it’s hurting the entire market.

Cannabis Markets

The History of 4/20

April 20 has become a day that’s part holiday, part civil disobedience. But how did it all begin… and what does it mean for the markets?

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