Cannabis Investing

For investors looking to be at the beginning of a new industry – as well as the end of prohibition – cannabis is it. From adult-use, which includes smokables, edibles, infused beverages and more, to medical, like CBD and hemp, cannabis will soon be a part of every person’s life in one form or another. This gives investors who want to be out in front of breakthrough and emerging trends an unbridled opportunity for success.

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Effects From Vaping Putting Pressure on Legal Cannabis

Nearly 200 cases of a vaping-related illness has health officials concerned – and anxiety could spill over into the cannabis market.

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Here’s Why KushCo Stock Is Undervalued

KushCo Holdings CEO explains how his business has built a wide moat – and why bigger companies simply can’t compete.

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Earnings Season Rocks North American Marijuana Market

The North American marijuana sector has been rocked by scandal – and then kicked while it was down by earnings misses.

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NORML Activist on Expungement and Marijuana Reform

NORML Political Director Justin Strekal explains what needs to be done to pave the way for marijuana reform.

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New Marijuana Law in Ohio Accidentally Decriminalizes the Plant

Cities in Ohio have stopped prosecuting misdemeanor marijuana cases in light of a legislative mistake.

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Two Questions to Ask at a Marijuana Dispensary

What’s the most pressing issue facing new cannabis patients? And what should be their first questions?

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Scott Gottlieb Questions CBD Legality, Calls for Regulation

The U.S. CBD market is desperately awaiting some sort of regulation by the FDA.

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Hemp Farming Close to Home With Monarch Botanicals

Local Maryland hemp farmer Walt Rampata provides a ground-floor perspective on both CBD and the broader cannabis industry.

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Aphria Delivers Big on Earnings

Both Canadian and American pot stocks made big moves higher last week. This was the start of the turnaround we’ve been waiting for.

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4 Publicly Traded CBD Companies Outperforming the Industry

The rise in CBD products has created an even bigger opportunity in one industry: extraction.