Cannabis Investing

For investors looking to be at the beginning of a new industry – as well as the end of prohibition – cannabis is it. From adult-use, which includes smokables, edibles, infused beverages and more, to medical, like CBD and hemp, cannabis will soon be a part of every person’s life in one form or another. This gives investors who want to be out in front of breakthrough and emerging trends an unbridled opportunity for success.

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Arizona’s Medical Cannabis Success Story

Arizona’s medical marijuana market has gone largely unnoticed, but its sales are some of the best in the country.

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Why Cannabis Companies Can’t Keep Their CEOs

Over the past year, multiple cannabis companies have said goodbye to their CEOs. Here’s why.

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Oklahoma: 2020’s Hottest Cannabis Market

With cannabis sales topping $350 million in 2019, Oklahoma is 2020’s hottest cannabis market.

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Why Medical Cannabis Advocates Are Still Battling

Debbie Churgai of Americans for Safe Access talks about the difficulties medical cannabis companies and patients face.

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Marijuana’s March Madness

Marijuana sales historically decline from October through February, but then spring to life, sparking March Madness.

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Prospects of Federal Legalization in 2020

Lezli Engelking, founder of FOCUS, talks about what to expect from the cannabis industry in 2020.

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Congressional Hearing Calls for More Cannabis Research

The Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health’s meeting on cannabis was a small step forward, but the pot industry can’t succeed without more research.

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Cannabis Merger and Acquisition Deals Crumble

Cannabis M&A deals continue to crumble due to Department of Justice delays.

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5 Pot Stocks Starting Off 2020 With a High

With pot stocks still near multiyear lows – and with so much upside on the horizon – 2020 is shaping up to be a year to remember for cannabis.

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“Legislative Roundtable” Part 3: Cannabis M&A and the 2020 Election

Justin and Morgan provide their take on what to expect from cannabis M&A in 2020.

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