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Electric Vehicles

Once thought of as cute science projects, electric vehicles sales are seeing hockey-stick growth – an investor’s dream. Last year, U.S. EV sales jumped 81%. Tesla’s models are being joined by a host of EVs from the world’s top car manufacturers. China is the biggest EV market, and there are plenty of companies poised to benefit from the coming torrid growth in this sector.

Electric Vehicles

My No. 1 Electric Pickup Truck Play

As more companies start to release electric pickup trucks, one company is rising above the rest.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Reefers Will Soon Hit the Roads

By going electric, refrigerated semitrucks can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric Vehicles

The Safest Way to Play the Electric Vehicle Sector

As electric vehicle demand surges, there’s a lot of upside ahead for this lithium miner.

Electric Vehicles

Huge Roadblock for U.S. Electric Vehicle Adoption Has Been Cleared

The newest lithium-ion battery factory will help pave the way for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles

Widespread Adoption of Fuel Cell EVs Is Right Around the Corner

Fuel cell electric vehicles may be more efficient than their battery-powered counterparts.

Electric Vehicles

Widespread Semitruck Electrification Is Coming

More automakers are beginning to produce electric semitrucks.

Electric Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle Revolution Has Hit the Tipping Point

An EV-only future is quickly becoming a reality as more companies commit to producing emissions-free cars.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Are Rapidly Replacing Gas-Powered Cars

The tipping point is here. The transportation industry is finally making the switch to electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Could Become America’s Largest Energy Source

Though most EV owners don’t consider their cars to be energy sources, EVs have the potential to become America’s largest supplier of power.

Electric Vehicles

Why I’m Bullish on Tesla

Though competition in the EV space may be a threat to Tesla’s car business, there’s more to the company than just EVs.

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