Energy Investing

The next decade is going to present a number of challenges for companies in the energy sector. By mid-decade, the demand for crude oil could peak. Not because of lack of supply… but because renewables are becoming so cheap. It will be a big disruption for the energy markets. However, there are still plenty of profitable energy companies in the oil and gas sector. We’ll focus on all of them here.

Energy Stocks

What Analysts Get Wrong When Valuing Tesla

It’s important to factor in all of Tesla’s businesses when valuing the company.

Renewable Energy

Banks Are Investing More Than Ever in the Renewables Sector

Banks have invested millions of dollars in the fossil fuel sector. But that’s all changing this year.

Renewable Energy

Could Green Hydrogen Be Cost-Effective by 2030?

In less than 10 years, green hydrogen could become more affordable and revolutionize the energy sector.

Renewable Energy

Commercial Solar Installations Are Set to Rise This Year

Though the commercial solar industry was hit hard by the pandemic, 2021 will bring new opportunities to the sector.

Renewable Energy

Can Green Energy Fight Off a World in the Red?

Our power grid is old and failing. It needs something to help share the load.

Energy Stocks

Nuclear Power: On the Way Up or Out?

Though nuclear power provides about 10% of the world’s electricity, this clean energy source may be on its way out.

Renewable Energy

Battery Storage Systems Will Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Natural gas-fired peaker power plants are rapidly being retired. More efficient battery storage systems are taking their place.

Renewable Energy

Why Green Hydrogen Is the Holy Grail of Renewable Energy

In industries that require hydrogen production, the green form of this gas is integral to reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Electric Vehicles

Huge Roadblock for U.S. Electric Vehicle Adoption Has Been Cleared

The newest lithium-ion battery factory will help pave the way for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Energy Stocks

How to Invest in Infrastructure’s Long-Needed Boost

Here is one of the best ways to profit from the current administration’s infrastructure plan.

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