Energy Investing

The next decade is going to present a number of challenges for companies in the energy sector. By mid-decade, the demand for crude oil could peak. Not because of lack of supply… but because renewables are becoming so cheap. It will be a big disruption for the energy markets. However, there are still plenty of profitable energy companies in the oil and gas sector. We’ll focus on all of them here.

Energy Stocks

The Renewables ETF You Need Today

Investing in this exchange-traded fund is a great way to play natural gas and green hydrogen infrastructure.

Energy Stocks

Why Investors Should Steer Clear of Coal and Natural Gas

The costs associated with updating coal and natural gas energy plants risk being stranded.

Energy Investing

Profit From Solar Without Pricey Panels

Installing solar panels is a great way to lower your electricity bill, but investing in the sector can earn you even more money.

Renewable Energy

Offshore Wind Expands to Maryland

The state is the latest area to see developments in U.S. offshore wind operations.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Reefers Will Soon Hit the Roads

By going electric, refrigerated semitrucks can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Stocks

Why I Think Tesla Isn’t Overvalued

Though Tesla is best known for its cars, they make up just one segment of the sustainable energy company.

Renewable Energy

The Solar Sector Faces Supply Chain Issues Head-On

Despite pandemic-induced delays and rising prices, the solar sector continues to grow.

Renewable Energy

New Technology Leads to Advancements in Geothermal Energy

Though geothermal power is still a small percentage of global energy supplies, this sector is sure to break out in the decades ahead.

Energy Stocks

Carbon Capture: The Next Big Energy Trend

Direct carbon capture is one of the leading technologies for removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

Oil and Gas

Are Oil and Gas Stocks Still Good Investments?

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, investors wonder whether oil and gas stocks still belong in their portfolios.

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