Electric Vehicles

Once thought of as cute science projects, electric vehicles sales are seeing hockey-stick growth – an investor’s dream. Last year, U.S. EV sales jumped 81%. Tesla’s models are being joined by a host of EVs from the world’s top car manufacturers. China is the biggest EV market, and there are plenty of companies poised to benefit from the coming torrid growth in this sector.

Electric Vehicles

Oil Majors Worried About Drop in Crude Demand Due to EVs

The growing EV market could have major ramifications for crude oil.

Electric Vehicles

How the Switch to EVs Is Causing Problems for Carmakers

Besides revolutionizing transportation, EVs are also going to totally disrupt the automotive supply chain.

Electric Vehicles

Cobalt Prices Soar as China Ramps Up EV Production

Over the last few years, China has quietly gone about locking down as much of the world’s raw cobalt production as possible.

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