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Oil and Gas

There is still big money to be made in oil and gas. The U.S. is now the world’s largest crude supplier and the third-largest liquid natural gas supplier. U.S. production will continue to rise, taking market share from Russia and Saudi Arabia. More LNG production is coming online. And there are some fantastic income-producing opportunities in this space.

Oil and Gas

Are Oil and Gas Stocks Still Good Investments?

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, investors wonder whether oil and gas stocks still belong in their portfolios.

Energy Investing

Big Oil Is Under Fire for Lackluster Climate Plans

Big Oil companies are being attacked for their insufficient plans to address climate change. These are two of the worst offenders.

Oil and Gas

Why I’m Raising My Price Forecast on Crude Oil

With the pandemic coming to an end, crude oil prices are rising and will continue to climb higher.

Oil and Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas Is the Key to Decarbonizing Energy

The world is rapidly switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy. And liquefied natural gas plays a key role in industries that are not easily electrified.

Oil and Gas

Here’s Why the Recent Winter Storm Devastated Texas

Last week, a rare winter storm devastated Texas. Here’s why the Lone Star State was hit so badly.

Oil and Gas

These Oil Majors Are Shifting Focus, Pumping Billions Into Renewables

Out of the seven major oil companies, these five have redirected their focus to renewable energy.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Stocks: Value Deals or Value Traps?

Are oil and gas companies of any value to investors?

Oil and Gas

COVID-19 Has Brought Peak Oil Demand Forward

Due to the decreased need for oil during the pandemic, we are approaching peak oil demand.

Oil and Gas

Is It Too Late for Big Oil’s Green Transformation?

Big Oil is just starting to invest in renewables, but are oil majors needed in order to make the transition to clean energy?

Oil and Gas

Oil Sands Extraction May Be Coming to an End

The oil sands industry may never recover from the rapid demand drop of crude oil.

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