Energy Investing

The next decade is going to present a number of challenges for companies in the energy sector. By mid-decade, the demand for crude oil could peak. Not because of lack of supply… but because renewables are becoming so cheap. It will be a big disruption for the energy markets. However, there are still plenty of profitable energy companies in the oil and gas sector. We’ll focus on all of them here.

Oil and Gas

The New Crisis Threatening America’s Energy Sector

America’s No. 1 oil field is now the worst market for natural gas.

Electric Vehicles

Cobalt Prices Soar as China Ramps Up EV Production

Over the last few years, China has quietly gone about locking down as much of the world’s raw cobalt production as possible.

Oil and Gas

Three Steps to Avoid Sinking Ships in Oil’s Rising Tide

There appears to be a rising tide for the entire American oil patch. But the reality is much harsher and more severe.

Renewable Energy

Despite Trump’s Coal Push, American Businesses Stick to Renewables

American businesses have broken ranks from Washington on energy policy.

Oil and Gas

Crude Likely to Take Off

We are on our way to hitting $100 oil and becoming completely energy independent.

Renewable Energy

How Are We Going to Fix Up the Homestead?

I didn’t start spending like a drunken sailor. I focused on what was most critical for my farm and how I was going to pay for it.

Oil and Gas

Is Crude’s Crash for Real?

Over the years, I’ve proven that the markets are far more predictable than most investors believe they are.

Electric Vehicles

It’s a Free Market Economy… Except When Buying a Car

No wonder car dealerships have fought so hard to keep companies like Tesla out.

Energy Stocks

Perry’s Bid to Prop Up Coal and Nuclear Gets Shot Down

Energy Secretary Rick Perry embarked on a mission to subsidize coal and nuclear energy. He failed.

Oil and Gas

Bomb Cyclone Sends Natural Gas Spot Prices Soaring

It was downright cold in the eastern U.S. last week. As a result, demand for natural gas skyrocketed.