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Energy Investing

The next decade is going to present a number of challenges for companies in the energy sector. By mid-decade, the demand for crude oil could peak. Not because of lack of supply… but because renewables are becoming so cheap. It will be a big disruption for the energy markets. However, there are still plenty of profitable energy companies in the oil and gas sector. We’ll focus on all of them here.

Oil and Gas

June 2018 OPEC Meeting: What to Expect

The oil market is facing one of its most critical moments in years… and it’s déjà vu.

Renewable Energy

New England’s Untapped Clean Energy Poses Threat to Coal

Offshore wind is out of sight, out of mind. Why even bother with coal?

Electric Vehicles

Diesel Is OUT: Turbo-Boosting Battery Electric Bus Sales in China

Urbanization is an unstoppable force. But here’s how China is keeping its skies blue.

Energy Stocks

LED Bulbs: A Disruption We Can All Live With

Today, there’s really no reason NOT to switch to LEDs if you want to save money and energy.

Renewable Energy

Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Continue to Displace Coal

Clean energy has become the “new normal” in power generation. And coal is paying the price.

Electric Vehicles

Oil Majors Worried About Drop in Crude Demand Due to EVs

The growing EV market could have major ramifications for crude oil.

Oil and Gas

Flaring of Unused Natural Gas Is a Major Mistake

Flare stacks have an important use in industrial plants. But they’re a missed opportunity in renewable energy.

Electric Vehicles

How the Switch to EVs Is Causing Problems for Carmakers

Besides revolutionizing transportation, EVs are also going to totally disrupt the automotive supply chain.

Renewable Energy

Nuclear Power Under Pressure From Renewable Energy

Once hailed as the world’s “cleanest” source of energy, nuclear power is rapidly failing thanks to the rise of renewable energy.

Oil and Gas

The New Crisis Threatening America’s Energy Sector

America’s No. 1 oil field is now the worst market for natural gas.

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