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Energy Stocks

New technologies will continue to drive future production efficiencies for energy companies. Energy companies will continue to move the markets higher for at least the next decade.

Energy Stocks

Slowing Climate Change: Is Green Hydrogen the Secret?

When electricity from renewable sources is stored, the hydrogen produced is considered a renewable or “green” power source.

Energy Stocks

Trump Seeks to Undo Reagan’s Energy Efficiency Measures

New energy efficiency standards have been passed by every president since Reagan, but Trump is looking to roll back these measures.

Energy Stocks

The Energy Disruption Triangle: Prepare for the Revolution

Three elements are disrupting the way we generate, use and store electricity.

Energy Stocks

Is Climate Change Real? Ask the Insurance Companies Paying for It

For years, U.S. insurers have ignored potential liabilities from coal. But the growing financial impact of damages from climate change is starting to hit home.

Energy Stocks

Conserve Energy to Increase Returns

Sometimes the best investment you can make is saving money.

Energy Stocks

Coal Ash Ponds From Shuttered Plants Present Environmental Threat

When a coal-fired power plant is turned off, revenues screech to a stop, but expenses don’t. Long-term environmental factors also need to be considered.

Energy Stocks

Coal Lives On in Pizza Industry

One coal company just celebrated its best year of sales ever… despite coal’s declining demand.

Energy Stocks

An LED Lighting Investment Opportunity

The demand for LED lighting is rapidly increasing. And one company is quietly disrupting the entire sector.

Energy Stocks

3 Small Cap Energy Stocks to Watch

Renewable energy stocks are among the sector’s invisible gems, driving big momentum.

Energy Stocks

Energy Sector Outperforming the Market

Since their December lows, oil prices have rebounded, lifting energy stocks with them.

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