Energy Stocks

New technologies will continue to drive future production efficiencies for energy companies. Energy companies will continue to move the markets higher for at least the next decade.

Energy Stocks

3 Small Cap Energy Stocks to Watch

Renewable energy stocks are among the sector’s invisible gems, driving big momentum.

Energy Stocks

Energy Sector Outperforming the Market

Since their December lows, oil prices have rebounded, lifting energy stocks with them.

Energy Stocks

Save Nuclear Power With National Incentive Policy

Nuclear energy’s importance to America’s clean energy mix needs to be recognized and rewarded.

Energy Stocks

Trump Reverses Obama-Era Climate Regulation, Pushes Coal Agenda

Trump and his “coal cronies” say nothing will get in the way of building new coal-fired power plants here in the U.S.

Energy Stocks

Cold War-Era Act Could Save Coal and Nuclear Power

The DOE suggests coal and nuclear power are crucial to our nation’s grid reliability. Here’s why that’s false.

Energy Stocks

Trump’s EPA to Freeze Fuel Economy Standards

The EPA’s new rules will completely reverse the slow but steady progress we’ve made on climate change.

Energy Stocks

LED Bulbs: A Disruption We Can All Live With

Today, there’s really no reason NOT to switch to LEDs if you want to save money and energy.

Energy Stocks

Perry’s Bid to Prop Up Coal and Nuclear Gets Shot Down

Energy Secretary Rick Perry embarked on a mission to subsidize coal and nuclear energy. He failed.

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