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It’s often said that there’s always a bull market somewhere. Investors can always find unique and exciting ways to earn money if they look hard enough. Breakthrough medical discoveries, disruptive new technologies and other innovations are changing the world as we know it. We monitor the biggest market trends happening right now, keeping you informed and ready to profit.

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Why Value Investing Is a Passing Fad

Although some billionaires swear by value stocks, growth stocks are better for your portfolio.

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How to Profit From the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic Games are a major tailwind for the sports betting market. Here are the best ways to profit off this industry.

Market Health

Is It Time to Dump “Reopening” for “Resurgence”?

As COVID-19 cases rise, investors are questioning whether the reopening economy is here to stay.

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Looming Rubber Shortage Provides Another Chance to Profit

With a looming rubber shortage, you can expect an increase in tire prices in the near future.

Market Health

Virgin Galactic’s Founder Went to Space… What’s Next for Investors?

We’re witnessing one of the most exciting periods for not just investors and innovators… but all of humanity.

Market Health

How to Profit From Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has taken the world by storm and is set to only grow bigger. Here is the best play to profit from this growth.

Market Health

Checking In on Our 2021 Forecasts

Here’s how Matthew Carr’s and David Fessler’s annual predictions are faring halfway through the year.

Market Health

Two Must-Know Names for the Infrastructure Boom

Infrastructure spending will drive the construction sector higher. Here are two must-have companies for this boom.

Market Health

What the Media Gets Wrong About the “Great Resignation”

People across the nation are quitting their jobs at a record rate. But here’s what they don’t know about this trend.

Alternative Investments

Invest in Copper Ahead of the Looming Shortage

Copper plays a major role in our lives and is in high demand. We simply can’t make technological advancements without it.

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