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Market Trends

It’s often said that there’s always a bull market somewhere. Investors can always find unique and exciting ways to earn money if they look hard enough. Breakthrough medical discoveries, disruptive new technologies and other innovations are changing the world as we know it. We monitor the biggest market trends happening right now, keeping you informed and ready to profit.

Market Health

When to Use the Highlander Investment Strategy

Sometimes, it’s important for investors to align themselves with the biggest players on the field.

Market Health

Facebook Keeps Its Crown Despite Month in the Red

Facebook remains the only FAANG+M stock that is a screaming “Buy.”

Market Health

The Best Investing Strategy to Use in a Down Market

Instead of panicking in an uncertain market, use LEAPS to take advantage of stocks that are set to soar.

Market Health

Why October Is a Sweet Month for Stocks

After the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended September down, investors are left to wonder how this month will fare in the markets.

Market Health

Will the Rumored Government Shutdown Sink Your Retirement?

Government closures may be frightening to investors, but they are nothing to fear.

Market Health

The No. 1 Opportunity for 2022

Though 2021 has yet to end, this company has already earned the title of the best pick of 2022.

Market Health

Wait Out Near-Term Volatility and Score Big

LEAPS are one of the best ways to wait out volatility and profit off an uncertain market.

Market Health

Can You Fight the Federal Reserve?

Wall Street claims that you should never fight the Fed. But how concerned should you be with federal rate hikes?

Alternative Investments

Is September a “Golden” Month for Gold?

Investors are quick to claim that September is the best month for gold… but here’s why that may not be the case.

Market Health

Are We on Track for a Market Correction?

As days pass without a significant market drop, investors grow more concerned.

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