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It’s often said that there’s always a bull market somewhere. Investors can always find unique and exciting ways to earn money if they look hard enough. Breakthrough medical discoveries, disruptive new technologies and other innovations are changing the world as we know it. We monitor the biggest market trends happening right now, keeping you informed and ready to profit.

Market Health

Is This the Buy Signal Investors Have Been Waiting For?

As investors navigate the rocky waves of this month’s market, the buy signal they have been waiting for just emerged.

Market Health

The Compound Growth Approach to Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, the best way to achieve your big goals is to accomplish one small task at a time.

The U.S. Presidential Cycle Points to a Volatile Year Ahead

According to the modern presidential cycle, midterm election years are usually tough for the markets.

Market Health

Breaking Down One of Wall Street’s Biggest Lies

Wall Street claims that Janaury is one of the best months for stocks, but here’s why that isn’t true.

Market Health

Top 10 Forecasts for 2022

Matthew and Dave share their predictions for the upcoming year.

Market Health

Why I’m Shrugging Off Omicron Market Concerns – and You Should Too

COVID-19 is no longer a death sentence for the markets, and the omicron variant is no different.

Market Health

2021 Recap: Revisiting Our Annual Forecasts

Here’s how the predictions that Matthew and David made in January fared this year.

Market Health

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Semiconductor Chip Stocks?

The chip shortage shouldn’t last for more than another year… so are semiconductor chip stocks still good investments?

Market Health

How to Play the Federal Reserve’s Decision This Week

In algebra, it’s not that hard to solve for two unknowns. But in the real world, it’s something investors are struggling with.

Market Health

Growth or Value: How Should Investors Position Themselves for 2022?

After a volatile year, investors are questioning how they should invest in 2022.

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