Alternative Investments

We’re all familiar with stocks, bonds and mutual funds. But there are other unique asset classes that investors should be aware of. Today, alternative investments offer people unique chances to make money in the market – from the rise of thematic exchange-traded funds to the speculative game of options.

Alternative Investments

Bond Investing: The Secret to Stability in a Volatile Market

Including bonds in your portfolio provides stability and a guaranteed return in a turbulent market.

Alternative Investments

How to Use Inverse ETFs to Your Advantage in a Down Market

When the markets tank, inverse ETFs will help keep your wealth safe and secure.

Alternative Investments

New Gold Bull Market Is on the Horizon

It’s natural to get nervous and emotional when an asset you hold falls in value. But in a bull market, dips should be embraced… not feared.

Alternative Investments

Price of Gold per Ounce Jumps in Today’s Market

Precious metals are enjoying glittering performances in 2019. It’s a good year to be in gold.

Alternative Investments

Dividend Investing: High Yield or Distribution Growth?

When investing in dividends, most investors seek either a high yield or distribution growth – but savvy investors choose both.

Alternative Investments

A Speculative Case for Buying Silver

Historically, when this ratio peaks, it signals a buying moment for silver.

Alternative Investments

Should I Buy Gold in 2019?

Gold showed incredible resilience last year. And now it’s on sale… Is it time to jump in?

Alternative Investments

The $80 Billion Tax That’s Killing Your Portfolio

The lottery is just a voluntary tax disguised as a game of chance. Here’s why investing is nothing like gambling.

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