International Markets

It’s a big world out there… and even bigger when you remember that there’s a global marketplace beyond our borders. While the U.S. boasts the most actively traded and highly valued stock markets in the world, there are still many other fast-growing markets. New opportunities in both foreign developed and emerging markets offer investors unique ways to generate superior returns.

International Markets

Perfect Storm of Politics and Mother Nature Raises Avocado Prices

President Trump’s threats and trade war drama are just a couple of the ingredients in this pricey burrito bowl.

International Markets

U.S. Coal Exports Head to China as Domestic Demand Weakens

Domestic coal demand continues to slow. So U.S. miners have shifted their focus to exports… specifically to China.

International Markets

Companies Fuel Fast-Growing, Emerging Economies in China, Vietnam, Brazil

Now is a great time to purchase emerging market stocks, as many are trading at one-year lows.

International Markets

How the U.S. Is Backing China Into a Corner

There will always be companies that come out ahead in a trade war. But they may not be the ones you expect.

International Markets

The Sweet Secret in the Tit-for-Tat Tariffs

Trudeau was quick to react – and the Canadian tariffs aren’t on just steel and aluminum…

International Markets

This Sector Just Crashed the Market… Is It an Opportunity?

Thanks to talks of a trade war with China, heavy equipment manufacturers took a hit. But things could be looking up for the rest of 2018.

International Markets

From Skirmish to War: U.S. Oil and Gas in the Crosshairs

In the midst of recovery, the U.S. oil and gas industry is now caught in the crossfire of a potential trade war.

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