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Market Health

Keeping tabs on the current state of the market is essential to being a successful investor. But there’s a lot of financial data to sift through. From tracking economic numbers and Fed interest rates to market indexes, fund flows and consumer sentiment indicators, each of these key signals forms a small piece of the larger picture that is the health of the financial markets.

Market Health

Is Disney a “Buy” Right Now?

Disney has been struggling throughout the pandemic, but here’s why the stock is still a “Buy.”

Market Health

The Fate of the Housing Market Post-Pandemic: Is This Another 2008?

What does the recent refinancing wave mean for the U.S. housing market? Are we about to witness a 2008 repeat?

Market Health

Is This Volatile Market Normal or Frightening?

Investors have seen volitility before, but the current markets are different. Is this normal?

Market Health

COVID-19 Is NOT the End of the World

We don’t know when the COVID-19 nightmare will end, but we do know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Market Health

You Will Be OK – and So Will Your Investment Portfolio

Here’s why you shouldn’t worry about your investment portfolio during this market crash.

Market Health

The Easiest Bear Market to Tame

History says event-driven bear markets recover faster than other declining markets. So when will this one end?

Market Health

Your Homework Before the Next Market Correction

Robinhood’s outage during Monday’s trading session affected millions of users. Here’s what you must do before the next market correction.

Market Health

Is This a Market Correction or the End of the Bull?

Stocks plummeted Monday morning as the markets crashed. Is this just a correction or the end of the bull?

Market Health

Gender Typing and Finance: What Women Want… Is Everything Men Have

The financial odds are stacked against women. Here’s how to fight them.

Market Health

The Most Profitable Sector for 2020 Is Minting 100-Year-Olds

Make room in your portfolio for 2020’s hottest sector: healthcare.

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