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Market Health

Keeping tabs on the current state of the market is essential to being a successful investor. But there’s a lot of financial data to sift through. From tracking economic numbers and Fed interest rates to market indexes, fund flows and consumer sentiment indicators, each of these key signals forms a small piece of the larger picture that is the health of the financial markets.

Market Health

Why You Need to Watch the Silver Market

After the gold-silver ratio topped 90 last year, investors believe silver prices will rise faster than gold.

Market Health

How to Play the Election Cycle in Your Favor

The uncertain market during the past few election years means it’s time to build a more defensive portfolio in 2020.

Market Health

5 Key Investment Trends for 2020

These five key investment trends will help investors narrow their focus in the new year.

Market Health

Total Student Loan Debt in the United States Squashes American Dream

Americans are buckling under the burden of $1.56 trillion in outstanding student debt.

Making the Grade

3 Stock Investing Rules to Swear By

Finding the “next big thing” is only one piece of the puzzle. The trickiest part is uncovering which companies in those disruptive sectors are going to produce the biggest gains.

Making the Grade

Holiday Shopping Season 2019: Winners and Losers

This week, we’re looking at the retailers projected to post the largest revenue wins for the holiday shopping season.

Market Health

Brick-and-Mortar Store Closures Expected to Hit 12,000 This Holiday Season

Brick-and-mortar store closures will continue to accelerate because traditional retail can’t compete with e-commerce.

Making the Grade

Seasonal Trading Is About to Pick Up

With a lot of consumer spending on the horizon, a trend and seasonal trader like me loves this time of year.

Market Health

Benjamin Graham’s Strategy Still Beats the Market

Benjamin Graham taught us that sometimes very simple methods yield exceptional results.

Market Health

Prepare for the Next Fed Meeting

The money maestros at the Federal Reserve are about to wave their wands and send the band into a frenzy.

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