Market Health

Keeping tabs on the current state of the market is essential to being a successful investor. But there’s a lot of financial data to sift through. From tracking economic numbers and Fed interest rates to market indexes, fund flows and consumer sentiment indicators, each of these key signals forms a small piece of the larger picture that is the health of the financial markets.

Market Health

Millions of Dollars Flow Into Gold During October Correction

Gold is the perfect intersection between defensive investing and value investing during a correction.

Market Health

The State of the Economy (in One Simple Chart)

Copper’s outperformance over gold signals a positive outlook on economic growth.

Market Health

Checking In on Our 2018 Predictions

Our experts have a knack for identifying big trends and capitalizing on them.

Market Health

Are Chicken Prices About to Spring Higher?

Some news outlets are claiming poultry prices will spike due to Hurricane Florence. Here’s the truth.

Market Health

U.S. Dairy Industry Curdles Under Pressure: Part 2

New export markets have provided some relief for the dairy industry. But new tariffs threaten to unravel it all.

Market Health

U.S. Dairy Industry Curdles Under Pressure: Part 1

Changing consumer tastes are the biggest threat to the dairy industry.

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