Market Trends

It’s often said that there’s always a bull market somewhere. Investors can always find unique and exciting ways to earn money if they look hard enough. Breakthrough medical discoveries, disruptive new technologies and other innovations are changing the world as we know it. We monitor the biggest market trends happening right now, keeping you informed and ready to profit.

Market Health

The $100 Billion Opportunity Behind Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms have risen in popularity to treat depression over the past few years. Now this market sees even more upside ahead.

Market Health

Is This the “Nifty Fifty” All Over Again?

In the 1970s, the 50 stocks that pushed the economy forward suffered collapses. Will we see history repeat itself?

Market Health

E-Commerce Will Make Up More Than Half of Chinese Retail Sales This Year

China is making history. More than half of the country’s retail sales in 2021 are expected to originate online.

Market Health

Three Steps to Take for Higher Returns in 2021

Although we may have no idea how the markets will move this year, these steps will earn you higher returns no matter what.

Market Health

Plant-Based Meat Sales Are Booming

Plant-based meat sales have soared during the pandemic. And one company is rising up above the rest.

Market Health

Herd Mentality Is Making Investors Go Broke

Herd mentality has been invading the market lately. Here’s why it is harmful to investors.

4 Hopefuls Betting on 2021 Gatherings

These four stocks will surge once we return to normal and gatherings start to take place again.

Alternative Investments

Silver Prices Leap After GameStop Scheme

After GameStop traders turned their efforts to silver, the precious metal shot up. However, the increase was short-lived.

Market Health

Small Caps Are Almost Guaranteed to Outperform in 2021

Small caps may have underperformed in 2020, but they are set to make a comeback this year.

Market Health

5 Pandemic-Friendly Businesses to Invest in Before Valentine’s Day

Thanks to the pandemic, Valentine’s Day will look a little different in 2021. But there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and profit.