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It’s often said that there’s always a bull market somewhere. Investors can always find unique and exciting ways to earn money if they look hard enough. Breakthrough medical discoveries, disruptive new technologies and other innovations are changing the world as we know it. We monitor the biggest market trends happening right now, keeping you informed and ready to profit.

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The Best Way to Profit From the Cicada Invasion

This summer, millions of cicadas will emerge for the first time in 17 years. Here’s the best way to profit off this.

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Special Purpose Acquisition Companies Are Set to Have a Record 2021

Interest in special purpose acquisition companies has surged in the last few months.

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Christmas in July? Make Your Wish List of Stocks Now

A flood of new money will enter the markets as millions of Americans invest their stimulus checks.

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Iridium Prices Soar as Supply Shrinks

Since the start of this year, iridium prices have skyrocketed. And they are expected to climb higher.

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Why Every Investor Should Diversify Their Portfolio With Gold

Gold’s value is set to skyrocket from the recent shortage of the precious metal. Every investor will want some in their portfolio.

Alternative Investments

Impact Investing Is Beating the Broader Markets by Almost 10%

More companies are promoting positive values and doing their best to make a positive impact on society.

Market Health

The Global Space Economy’s Meteoric Rise Is Only Getting Started

As humans consume more data, the global space economy continues to grow.

Market Health

Why the Stock Market Will Rally in the Years Ahead

The government is set to pump trillions of dollars into the economy in the next few years, leading to inflated stock values.

Market Health

Why You Should Buy the Nasdaq’s Dip

History shows that the Nasdaq recovers quickly in the months after the index falls.

Market Health

The Skies Are Clearing for Travel and Leisure

Travel is set to take off again this year. Now is the perfect time to grab travel stocks and ETFs trading at a discount!

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