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Oil and Gas

There is still big money to be made in oil and gas. The U.S. is now the world’s largest crude supplier and the third-largest liquid natural gas supplier. U.S. production will continue to rise, taking market share from Russia and Saudi Arabia. More LNG production is coming online. And there are some fantastic income-producing opportunities in this space.

Oil and Gas

June 2018 OPEC Meeting: What to Expect

The oil market is facing one of its most critical moments in years… and it’s déjà vu.

Oil and Gas

Flaring of Unused Natural Gas Is a Major Mistake

Flare stacks have an important use in industrial plants. But they’re a missed opportunity in renewable energy.

Oil and Gas

The New Crisis Threatening America’s Energy Sector

America’s No. 1 oil field is now the worst market for natural gas.

Oil and Gas

Three Steps to Avoid Sinking Ships in Oil’s Rising Tide

There appears to be a rising tide for the entire American oil patch. But the reality is much harsher and more severe.

Oil and Gas

Crude Likely to Take Off

We are on our way to hitting $100 oil and becoming completely energy independent.

Oil and Gas

Is Crude’s Crash for Real?

Over the years, I’ve proven that the markets are far more predictable than most investors believe they are.

Oil and Gas

Bomb Cyclone Sends Natural Gas Spot Prices Soaring

It was downright cold in the eastern U.S. last week. As a result, demand for natural gas skyrocketed.

Oil and Gas

2018: Oil’s Breakout Year?

The price of crude is still rising. Are we about to see another year of gains?

Oil and Gas

Is There a Case for $100 Oil in 2018?

Political scandals, production cuts, natural disasters… We are closer to $100 crude than we were a year ago.

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