Renewable Energy

Renewable energy growth has been accelerating over the last few years, with no sign of slowing down. Solar and wind have made up the largest share of new grid capacity since 2014. That’s because they have rapidly become the cheapest sources to build. These quickly growing companies belong in everyone’s energy portfolio.

Renewable Energy

New England’s Untapped Clean Energy Poses Threat to Coal

Offshore wind is out of sight, out of mind. Why even bother with coal?

Renewable Energy

Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Continue to Displace Coal

Clean energy has become the “new normal” in power generation. And coal is paying the price.

Renewable Energy

Nuclear Power Under Pressure From Renewable Energy

Once hailed as the world’s “cleanest” source of energy, nuclear power is rapidly failing thanks to the rise of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

Despite Trump’s Coal Push, American Businesses Stick to Renewables

American businesses have broken ranks from Washington on energy policy.

Renewable Energy

How Are We Going to Fix Up the Homestead?

I didn’t start spending like a drunken sailor. I focused on what was most critical for my farm and how I was going to pay for it.

Renewable Energy

The Technology That’s Disrupting the Energy Grid as We Know It

Renewable power is here. Our existing electrical infrastructure can’t handle it. The problem is more serious than you realize.

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