Trend Investing Guide

If you’re new to the world of investing, this is your place to start. Investing is an essential skill for building and maintaining wealth. But without proper guidance, you may make easily avoidable mistakes. Our simple investing guide will help you to understand the ABCs of prospering in the financial markets.

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4 ETFs to Play the Fourth Industrial Revolution

These four ETFs are easy and inexpensive ways to play the Fourth Industrial Revolution trend.

Investing 101

To Be a Successful Investor, Go Against the Crowd

The most successful investors are able to adopt an outsider’s mindset instead of following the crowd.

Investing 101

Why Quantitative Trading Is Better for the Small Investor

Individual investors are in a better position to generate big returns from quantitative trading than hedge fund giants are.

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COVID-19 Trend Says Short the Slaughterhouses, Go Long on Grocers

More Americans are eating at home right now, but those grocery store sales aren’t enough to offset the losses from shuttered restaurants.

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Profit Trends Talk: Oil, 5G, Summer Trends and More

Matthew and David discuss the oil markets, where to redirect your money, seasonal trends and more.

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The Gaming Industry’s Record March Is Only the Beginning

The video game industry’s historic March is only the beginning of a trend that will last long after the pandemic is over.

Investing 101

When My Broker Said This Word, I Ran

With today’s zero-fee trading opportunities, investors don’t have to settle for pitches that boost brokerage commissions.

Investing 101

Why Some Investors Succeed… But Most Don’t

Why do so many investors fail? What are successful investors doing differently? Well, for starters, they find a proven investment strategy and stick to it.

Investing 101

The Simple Indicator Investors Must Watch

Tuning in to this one simple indicator can turn novice investors into seasoned experts.

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5 Companies Trading at a Discount

Investors, this is your second chance. These five companies were expensive before but are now trading at a discount.