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Considering Nikola or Tesla? Buy This EV Company Instead

I adhere to a remarkably simple rule in investing…

Revenue must be growing.

I’m not always a stickler for profits. Oftentimes, a young business is going to operate at a loss. But revenue growth shows there is demand for the product and that the company should eventually be profitable.

Revenue is the real engine behind fortune-minting moves.

And I believe share price will, in many cases, ultimately follow sales.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for companies with eye-popping revenue growth.

I don’t care whether the mainstream media is covering the companies or not. I’m not bothered if few or no analysts are following them.

In fact, I prefer it when they don’t. The fewer people who know about high-growth gems, the cheaper I can get in.

Because it’s these high-growth, under-the-radar plays that offer the best opportunities to score big.

Lightning Strikes Twice?

Public interest in electric vehicles continues to gain traction.

My colleague David Fessler and I have covered the sector in depth over the years.

But in the past several weeks, analysts and financial talking heads have been tripping over themselves trying to crown the next winner. And investors have plowed into EV superstar Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) and newcomer Nikola (Nasdaq: NKLA).

Now, even though the race between the two isn’t without its naysayers, investors can’t deny the returns.

This year, Tesla shares have raced to new all-time highs, up more than 135%. The company has finally become profitable as revenue ticks up by double digits.

The massive 2020 rally in shares has ballooned Tesla’s market cap to more than $185 billion.

Since going public, shares of Nikola have more than doubled.

The EV semitruck maker is now valued at more than $24.4 billion.

Few investors are going to complain about those share price gains – particularly during a year as volatile as the one we’re in.

But what you may not know is there’s an EV play obliterating both of those big-name stocks. In fact, I told you about it more than seven months ago.

Monster Microcap Winner

Back in December 2019, I highlighted Workhorse Group (Nasdaq: WKHS) as part of the “Top 10 Microcaps and Nanocaps With Monster 2020 Revenue Growth.”

The EV maker was expected to undergo a major transformation this year. I wrote…

The microcap’s 2020 revenue is expected to skyrocket 10,085% higher!

The U.S. battery-electric aircraft and vehicle manufacturer is projected to see sales go from $810,000 to $82.5 million. That’s because it’ll actually begin selling vehicles next year.

Of course, there’s a lot of headline-snagging competition in the space – from General Motors (NYSE: GM) to Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA). But none of them offer the kind of revenue growth Workhorse does.

First off, that type of sales growth is impossible to ignore, even if increases like that can sometimes be hard to believe. But this is the kind of highflier potential that investors want to tap into.

And the reason is obvious. Since I wrote about the company in early December, shares of Workhorse Group have skyrocketed 436%!

They’ve gone from a mere $2.65 to more than $19. And that’s after they charged to a new all-time high above $20.

And the company’s 2020 transformation is still unfolding. It’s no longer a microcap. Its market cap has rocketed to over $1 billion, and it’s been added to the Russell 3000 Index.

But most importantly, its shares have left competitors’ shares in the dust.

Over the past month, no EV maker on the market – Tesla, Nikola and Nio (NYSE: NIO) included – has been able to keep pace with Workhorse…

EV Makers - One-Month Performance

Next year, the small cap EV maker is expected to see revenue surge more than 557% to $147 million. So investors can expect shares to continue to run.

I also want to point out that Nikola’s revenue is projected to skyrocket more than 387,000% in 2021!

My only issue is that this astronomical growth is to a mere $116.25 million. That’s less than Workhorse is estimated to make, but Nikola’s shares are nearly five times as expensive.

Microcap and small cap stocks are some of my favorites to trade.

Few things entice investors more than snatching up shares of a company for a couple bucks or less with the potential to sell them for $20 or $30. That’s a microcap trader’s ultimate dream.

And Workhorse Group is a perfect example of this dream playing out… even as it flies far below many investors’ radars.

Here’s to high returns,


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