Renewable Energy

Can Green Energy Fight Off a World in the Red?

The International Energy Agency has a proposal to save us all.

Last year, it published the Sustainable Recovery Plan. The purpose of this report was to create a blueprint for national governments on how to boost economic growth, create jobs and build cleaner energy systems in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The answer the agency came up with sought to mend the economic woes of the past while creating a more efficient future.

And that solution is a $1 trillion global investment in clean energy.

Individual investors certainly can’t cough up that kind of cash, but there is a way for us to contribute to this green future.

In a moment, we’ll review a key technology that is already changing how we produce, consume and store energy today.

A Global Road Map

The Sustainable Recovery Plan is a comprehensive evaluation of economic and environmental reform… but it’s ultimately a sales pitch targeted at the world’s most powerful nations.

It was designed as a three-year plan that could save or create 9 million jobs per year. And it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.5 billion tons.

The report can be broken down into six key initiatives: electricity, transport, buildings, industry, fuels and innovation.

And it’s the first one that I want to home in on today.

The Answer We’ve Been Searching For

One topic that Engineering Strategist David Fessler has hit on time and time again is the need to update our nation’s power grid.

Our current system is old and failing. It needs something to help share the load and keep up with growing demand.

That’s where these servers come in…


These seemingly nondescript energy servers supply quality electricity, unaffected by electrical storms or other disturbances. And the electricity they produce is extremely clean.

Air and natural gas go in. And then, without any combustion, they turn into electricity. The process produces no nitrous oxide, no sulfur dioxide and half the carbon dioxide of traditional power generation…

50% Less Carbon Dioxide Emitted

These servers are perfect for areas of the power grid that cannot afford to go down – like hospitals.

With this system, there’s no delay between when power is lost and when the generator starts…

Uninterrupted Power vs What we have today

These servers have already been a game changer. And their growing customer base reflects that.

They’re rapidly being adopted by commercial customers, including 25 Fortune 100 companies and 42 Fortune 500 companies. Plus, a full 47% of new contracts are from new customers.

Business has been booming for the company behind this green technology. First quarter revenue increased – despite what was happening on the global stage.

And the real kicker is that this company’s stock is flying under the radar right now.

The Brains Behind the Tech

This is exactly the kind of technology that the International Energy Agency would like to see national economies investing in on a massive scale.

It’s cost-effective, clean and innovative. And it could be a key driver of global economic growth.

A small stake in a business like this could be how “the little guy” helps solve a much bigger problem.

Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the name of this publicly traded company in these pages.

My hands are tied.

But I can point you in the right direction…

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