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A Stock Play on Sold-Out Pools and Summer Fun

Editor’s Note: Today we’re bringing back our good friend Bryan Bottarelli of Monument Traders Alliance.

He’s going to let us know what the hot play is for these even hotter summer months.

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– Rebecca Barshop, Senior Managing Editor

As I’m sure you know, the race for a vaccine is on with each second the markets are open. The direction depends on whether the vaccine news flow is positive or negative.

You saw that positive impact last Monday, when the Dow Jones soared 1,000 points on the promise of a vaccine from Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA).

You also saw the negative impact later last week, when doubt was planted about the true validity of Moderna’s vaccine effectiveness – and the markets got hit with a sharp and sudden reversal.

Clearly, the direction of the markets now hinges on the vaccine news – which is a second-by-second coin flip.

So this means you must remain nimble and balanced as you navigate through a market that’s entirely driven by the vaccine news cycle.

But surprisingly enough, today’s article has nothing to do with a vaccine.

You may think that it’s coming totally out of left field… and you’d be right.

You see, I’m going to explain why Pool Corp. (Nasdaq: POOL) has now grabbed my attention…

I caught up with a college friend last week. She’s been trying to buy a backyard swimming pool for her kids this summer – and it’s been nearly impossible.

In fact, she resorted to a bidding war on eBay because pools are sold out everywhere else.

If you think about it, the logic makes total sense…

The looming threat of entertaining your kids all summer long means products that provide backyard amusement and recreation (such as swimming pools and trampolines) are back in high demand.

That’s where Pool Corp. comes into play…

Pool Corp. is a global pure play on swimming pools. It distributes swimming pool supplies, equipment and related leisure products in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

The company also offers maintenance and repair products, like chemicals, supplies, accessories, and more for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

If you’ve ever had a pool – or know someone who has – you know that they’re expensive to maintain. And Pool Corp. stands to capitalize on this consistent revenue stream for the lifetime of that backyard pool.

Talk about a recurring revenue model!

Not only that, but Pool Corp. also offers construction and remodeling services for existing pools, as well as irrigation and landscape products. This even includes professional lawn care equipment and supplies.

Add it all up and Pool Corp. is a winner I really like, with or without a vaccine…

Pool Corp YTD

Pool Corp. is an expensive stock, which means that the options carry a big premium. However, this might make for a nice stock play – or even a put sell.

Now, I admit – unemployment is at an all-time high, with 33 million Americans out of work over the last two months. But that hasn’t stopped Pool Corp…

On April 24, the company gained 7% after reporting adjusted earnings of $0.71 per share, which beat the consensus estimate of $0.65 and increased 20.3% from a year ago. Quarterly net revenues totaled $677.3 million, which also surpassed the consensus mark of $636.5 million and increased 13.4% year over year.

So, as we head into summer, I like the idea of dipping a toe into the water on shares of Pool Corp.

What are you waiting for? Dip a toe into the water with me and join The War Room today!

Yours in smart speculation,