6 5G Super Stocks

5G is going to be MASSIVE.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association – a major voice in the communications industry – just published a report on the upcoming 5G revolution, and the numbers are simply staggering.

According to this report…

  • America’s wireless companies will invest $275 billion into building 5G networks.
  • This will create 3 million new jobs and add $500 billion to the economy.
  • 5G will generate $305 billion in healthcare cost savings every year.
  • 5G will save $450 billion annually in transportation costs.
  • 5G-enabled energy grids will add $1.8 trillion in revenue to the U.S. economy.

Another report by the IDC projects 4,824% in 5G infrastructure growth – over the next four years alone.

It’s no wonder Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett have invested a combined $49.7 billion in 5G plays.

And just look at the enormous investments the world’s biggest financial firms are making in 5G…

The secret is out: 5G is set to be the most lucrative advancement in cellular technology ever.

If you’re going to invest in ONE sector, it should be this one.

Now here are six stocks we believe will be the biggest winners of the 5G movement…

1) Radware (Nasdaq: RDWR)

Cybersecurity is a BIG issue in the deployment of 5G. It’s crucial that these new, lightning-fast networks be completely secure.

That’s partly why the cybersecurity space is projected to explode from $132 billion in 2018 to $224 billion in 2022.

Radware, a New Jersey-based cybersecurity company with an award-wining portfolio of application delivery systems, is quickly becoming a power player in this industry.

Its partners include Amazon, IBM, Cisco, NEC and more than 20 other big-name technology companies.

Radware’s stock price is up over 50% over the past three years, and it still has a lot of room to grow.

While the average price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio in the cybersecurity space is a whopping 102, Radware’s forward P/E is only 25.

2) Qorvo (Nasdaq: QRVO)

The market for 5G semiconductors is expected to boom to nearly $19 billion by 2022.

Qorvo is among the chip vendors that will profit when 5G smartphones and mobile devices hit the market.

You see, Qorvo specializes in the radio-frequency systems you’ll find inside every iPhone or Android phone.

And Qorvo’s prospects are bright. It recently announced that earnings per share (EPS) are up to $1.52 a share on $807 million. That shattered projections of $1.30 a share on $754 million.

The board of directors recently announced a $1 billion share buyback program.

And the stock is up more than 60% over the past 12 months.

3) Endava (NYSE: DAVA)

Endava is a U.K.-based software company. It specializes in helping companies use advanced digital technology applications (like 5G) to solve problems.

It’s a leader in the “software as a service” (SaaS) market, which is projected to be worth $143.7 billion in 2022.

That’s why Endava ranked highly on Forbes’ list of the best management consulting firms of 2019.

What’s more, it’s experienced 24% year-over-year revenue growth, and net cash from operating activities has gone up 633%.

Somehow this stock hasn’t caught Wall Street’s attention – it has only eight earnings analysts covering it.

4) NetEase (Nasdaq: NTES)

This internet technology company develops and operates online PC and mobile games, advertising and email services, and e-commerce platforms in China.

This company is responsible for three of the top 10 highest-grossing iOS games in China.

Plus it’s just joined forces with $44 billion mega-publisher Activision to help the latter deliver its first mobile-only venture.

5G could be a huge driver of growth in the mobile gaming space, and NetEase is uniquely positioned to profit from that development.

The stock is up more than 80% over the past year.

5) GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY)

About 1.6 billion websites were created in 2018. A huge number of those sites started out on GoDaddy, the massively popular web hosting company.

With the launch of 5G, a slew of companies and people will be creating new, 5G-optimized sites. I expect GoDaddy to meet their hosting and domain-registering needs.

Many of GoDaddy’s financials are in the green. Total revenue is up 11% year over year. Net cash provided by operating activities is up 30% year over year. And unlevered cash flow is up 8.9% year over year.

GoDaddy’s websites and marketing platform has exceeded 1 million paid customers. That’s phenomenal growth since its 2017 launch.

6) Lattice Semiconductor (Nasdaq: LSCC)

Here’s another chipmaker poised to make a fortune from 5G.

Its customers include Samsung, Apple, Panasonic, Dell, Lenovo and many other big-name companies.

Lattice just had an incredible quarter. GAAP diluted EPS are up 100% year over year. It’s paid off $33.4 million in debt, reducing its leverage ratio significantly.

Plus, it’s ahead of schedule on two of its key product development timelines.

Lattice has assembled a strong management team from veterans of Advanced Micro Devices and Xilinx, and it’s setting up to be a titan of 5G.

I believe all six of these stocks are worthy of a place in your portfolio.

I’m very excited about what the upcoming 5G boom has in store for investors. If you can afford it, I strongly advise you to buy at least a few 5G stocks.

It could be a real game changer for you.

Good investing,

Profit Trends Research Team

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