Profit From the 5G Revolution With This Chip Company


When I was growing up, connecting meant talking to another person over a dial-up, landline telephone network.

In our house, we had a rotary phone. And it was on a party line that we shared with two other families.

Fast forward half a century. Connectivity is no longer limited to people.

We can now use our wireless smartphones to connect to everything, everywhere. They enable us to instantly connect with anyone in the world.

We can now connect to our homes and the devices in them. We can see how much power our solar panels are producing in real time. And we can see where our cars are when someone else is driving them – all from our smartphones.

But that’s only part of the story. Now we have the 5G wireless network.

It’s rapidly coming online around the world. And it’s enabling connectivity like we’ve never imagined.

5G: Connectivity on Steroids

With 4G, we could share videos with friends. The average 4G download speed is 20 megabits per second. But videos use a lot of data, and that speed is just too slow to handle high-resolution video and other data. As a result, 4G became too congested.

So engineers developed 5G. It averages a download speed of 2,000 megabits per second.

That’s 100 times faster than 4G.

Large venues like stadiums and concert halls are now using 5G. It can support up to 1 million connections per square kilometer.

Now everybody will soon be able to connect via 5G, regardless of where they are.

They’ll be able to easily stream video and download movies in seconds. There won’t be any connectivity issues at sports venues, concerts or other big events.

There are plenty of companies involved in 5G. But one is uniquely positioned to capitalize on its immense wireless opportunity.

It has a profitable financial model and attractive returns. And it’s been delivering long-term shareholder value. The devices it makes are enabling the rapid transition to 5G.

At the Forefront of the 5G Sea Change

5G data traffic is expected to grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 90% through 2026. And that’s ideal for Skyworks Solutions (Nasdaq: SWKS).

It makes semiconductor chips that are crucial for mobile devices, industrial and automotive applications, the Internet of Things, and other emerging markets that are growing dramatically.

The company’s chips are taking the world’s connectivity to new levels. Skyworks is a trusted leader and has been through multiple technology transitions.

Its chips have a broad reach that spans across many customers and markets. And its engineering depth has strategically positioned it to address the latest applications.

Factory robotics, smart home fitness equipment, virtual reality, remote surgery and smart wearables are booming. And most of them use Skyworks’ chips.

Skyworks is doing incredibly well financially. Fiscal 2021 revenues were $5.1 billion, a 52% increase over 2020’s $3.4 billion.

The bottom line looks even better.

Fiscal 2020 earnings were $6.13 per share. In 2021, that number jumped 71% to $10.50 per share.

The company continues to expand its business organically and via acquisitions. Back in July, Skyworks acquired the automotive and infrastructure business of Silicon Laboratories (Nasdaq: SLAB) for $2.75 billion.

That transaction gives Skyworks access to new markets in the automotive, industrial, communications and data center sectors.

Because Skyworks is a tech stock, it’s been beaten down over the last year. Its shares are about 41% off their 52-week high. But that makes them a bargain in my book.

The 5G connectivity revolution is just getting underway. So now is the perfect time to add Skyworks Solutions to your portfolio.

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