The Three Hottest Technologies to Invest in Today

Editor’s Note: Like us, our good friend Andy Snyder – founder of Manward Press – is a huge fan of technology and the profit potential it brings.

He’s here today to share three tech sectors that should be on every investor’s radar. These sectors represent the newest, most cutting-edge markets we’ve seen.

Read on for Andy’s insights!

– Kaitlyn Hopkins, Assistant Managing Editor

We recently told a small group of our paid readers about a tiny stock that had just gone public.

It went from $8 per share to $32 in a matter of weeks.

The company is a biotech that’s pioneering not just a new type of medicine… but a new form of medicine. The work it’s doing challenges science that was believed to be fact only five years ago.

Its latest project just got through a key stage of Food and Drug Administration trials, and investors are making good money.

Technophile or Technophobe?

Over the years, we’ve (wrongly) become known as a bit of a technophobe.

The idea is far from reality. We would never shun technology that has the ability to better our lives.

But we do have our principles. They’re simple.

We’ll never give a nod to tech that threatens our physical, mental or social health.

You’ll never hear us being interviewed about the latest innovations in TV displays or social media platforms.

But our proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio dedicates some 40% of its allocation to the roaring potential of cryptos and disruptive stocks like those we’ve seen in the tech sector.

No doubt, technology is going to lead to some of the biggest gains of the next 12 months.

We have our thumb on three specific spaces… with our fingers outstretched, always searching for more.

What We’re Watching

When it comes to high-tech wizardry, the space industry is leading the charge. It’s a libertarian investor’s dream… especially what’s happening in the satellite sector.

The private sector – including companies like one of last year’s hottest special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) trades, Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) – has pushed the government aside and made vast leaps in a short time.

We’re now using private spacecraft to regularly send cargo (including billionaires) into space.

We expect satellite communication to soon replace its land-based cellular competition. Massive improvements have been made in recent months. And thanks to some of the latest breakthroughs, you won’t need a new phone to hook up to a satellite.

But there’s a smaller piece of the space race that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It has to do with medicine.

Thanks to cheaper rockets and a private sector that’s good at using them, individual scientists are now sending small experiments into space at a quickly growing clip. For a relatively low price, researchers can send their work into the heavens, where the antigravity effects hasten the results and accomplish tasks that can’t be done here on the ground.

It’s adding strong momentum to the breakthroughs in the realm of personalized medicine… the second tech arena we’re excited about.

Just for You

The company we told our subscribers about has helped discover that cancer cells speak a different language than healthy cells. And because of that, it’s working on an entirely new class of medicine.

We all know that current cancer treatments are nasty. They leave patients feeling sick and weak and praying for relief. This tiny company just passed its first test in ending that problem.

Its treatment goes beyond the DNA level and puts the medicine directly on the problem… with a highly precise dose.

As the technology evolves, it will become more and more personalized. Docs will decipher a patient’s DNA, use an algorithm to develop the best approach, and administer treatment in the exact right dose and location.

No more “shock and awe” treatments that open the body to a host of other killers.

The messenger RNA (mRNA) COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA) represents the first step in this evolution.

But Dr. Yusuf Erkul says Moderna is an mRNA 1.0 company.

Sure, it’s a pioneer in the industry. But he says his company – privately owned Kernal Biologics – is working on mRNA 2.0.

It’s working on much more specific treatments – treatments that affect only cancer cells and not the healthy cells around them.

In October, by the way, Erkul sent his work to space, where the doc believes the lack of gravity will speed up his tests and bring a much higher likelihood of success.

It’s amazing stuff.

Central Bank Alternative

Finally, like it or not, one of the hottest technologies these days is within the realm of digital money.

What’s happening here is fascinating… once again bringing a smile to the face of Liberty lovers across the globe.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have created not only a decentralized check on out-of-control central bank money printing but also new ways for the efficient market to do its job.

You’ve probably heard that all sorts of institutional investors are getting into the crypto game. The fine folks at JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) even announced a $146,000-plus price target for Bitcoin earlier this year.

But what’s not getting much attention are the many ways hedge funds and Wall Street’s big boys are using cryptos.

Oh sure, PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) and Square (NYSE: SQ) have driven up prices as they’ve bought all the coins they can to support their new dollar-threatening initiatives… But it’s the sophisticated traders who are adding the grease that will allow this machine to spin like never before.

Still in its infancy, the crypto market remains highly inefficient. Huge moves from one day to the next prove it.

There’s big money to be made in getting rid of those inefficiencies. Just as high-frequency traders have helped narrow the gap between bid and ask spreads, big-league investors are doing the same in the world of digital investing.

Bitcoin futures, for instance, are the tool of choice for these players. Contracts are seeing massive volume – with more than $1.5 billion worth of open interest at the moment.

That’s good news for a company that few associate with high technology – CME Group (Nasdaq: CME). It’s a company that’s been in our Modern Asset Portfolio since last June.

It’s the central hub for many digital currency derivatives.

Science takes all shapes and sizes.

We’ve seen big breakthroughs in recent years. Some make our lives worse. They must be shunned.

But much of the technology leads to efficiency, better health and, our darling, Liberty.

Bottom line… Invest in all three of the technologies above.

They’re making the world a better place.

Be well,


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